Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Greenville Senior Leaders Program

Had a very special day attending the orientation class for Greenville Senior Leaders, a nine month program. Met 33 other great people who I can’t wait to get to know better. The program sounds so interesting. Even excited to start some of my homework. Looking forward to sharing what I learn with my friends. Some very fun exercises to get to know each other better. Here is one for you to think of. What three words describe you? I picked for me organized, technical, networker. Here are the topics we will be studying in depth with experts from the Greenville Community.

All About Greenville
Financial Issues
Public/Private Partnerships
Medical Support
Food and Fitness
What do I do now?

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A Day at the Children’s Musum in Upstate

Bob and I spent from 10 – 4 all day Saturday at the Children’t Museum of the Upstate for their big Innoscate (skate board) event.   They figure they had about 2500 people come.

We were there showing our eNABLE hand project and also brought in volunteer Kevin Van Deusen from Computer Source to show people a variety of 3D printers.   We were very busy. We had six other volunteers from our group to help too and needed everyone.  I would say we had between 750 and 1000 parents and kids come in.

It is so fun to watch their faces because most have never seen a 3D printer and they have no idea how it could print a hand.   You can just see the understanding come into their eyes.

We made a couple good contacts for schools, including NEXT high school which is opening next week.

We did pretty well when we were there but when we got home about 5 we were exhausted and stiff from standing all day.  The photos tell it all.

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New England Wine, Lobster and Food Motor Coach Vacation

We just returned from a six night, 7 day Road Scholar trip.   Road Scholar used to be Elder Hostel.  We left from Providence RI and traveled up to Main, across New Hampshire and into Vermont.   Absolutely great trip with 30 wonderful people.   Our guide was fantastic.   While we made the couple long coach trip she showed us Julia Child TV episodes on how to cook and open lobster, wine and cheese party and how to filet fish.

Experience the diversity of New England cuisine and the region’s beautiful scenery during a weeklong journey through Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Discuss with professional winemakers, lobstermen, fishermen and farmers the products they grow and harvest from the land and sea. Learn about specialty products created by local entrepreneurs and enjoy field trips to vineyards, farms, sugarhouses, markets and the ocean. At stops along the way, enjoy tastes of authentic New England foods such as johnny cakes, lobster, clam chowder, local cheeses and yogurt, cider doughnuts, and maple syrup.

Beautiful scenery, very healthy flower gardens everywhere.


sugarhouse in Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains preparing traditional Vermont maple-sugar treats, including “sugar-on-snow,” boiling maple syrup served over ice.
• Meet with local lobstermen and fisherman to discuss the challenges of fishing in the Gulf of Maine.
• Meet with experts on winemaking in both Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

6 nights of accommodations
18 meals: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners
2 Expert-led lectures
12 Field trips
1 Performances

A very pretty view - Ogunquit Main

A very pretty view

Live Lobster

Lobster on the Lobster Boat

Lobster Roll at McDonalds

Lobster Roll at McDonalds

Sugar on Ice

Sugar on Ice

Cider Mill

Cider Mill

Goat Milking

Goat Milking

Our lobster roll

Goat Milking Our lobster roll



Goat MilkingLobster BoatNE 7-15 015Lobster Trap  Beautiful flowers    Historic 200 Plus year old Barandon Inn NE 7-15 039Historic 200 Plus year old Barandon Inn Historic 200 Plus year old Barandon Inn Historic 200 Plus year old Barandon Inn NE 7-15 035 Our Whole Lobster Dinner Postcard Pretty Light House NE 7-15 025 Portland Portland• Visit a

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Greenville Senior Leaders Program

I am excited to have been chosen to be part of the Greenville Senior Leaders Program at Furman.   It is a year long program to educate about 40 specially chosen seniors on the important issues in Greenville for those that are aging.   Here are the topics we will discuss each month.  Should be a very interesting year of education and getting to meet new people with similar interests.  Experts in each area will come to speak to us and we will also have an opportunity to tour some areas.

  • Introduction to the Program
  • All About Greenville
  • Caregiving, Financial Issues
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Re-education
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Medical Support
  • Food and Fitness
  • Technology
  • What do I do now?

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Today we helped give a boy a hand

How do you describe what it feels like when you helped create a prosthetic hand for a 11 year old boy who is missing his hand?

We went to Gettys middle school in Easley to meet with the parents and half a dozen 6th grade students to present a hand to David.

David was so excited and wanted to use his hand.   It’s hard to describe just what that was like.   Bob helped him get it better fitted for his hand, he flexed it a few times to make a fist and Bob did some adjustments.   David wanted to be able to pick up a bottle of water, which he did, and then he went to look for the tennis ball that was in the classroom so he could practice catching the ball.   Still need to work on that. Seeing him and the students who made his hand play together was so touching.

Both parents were there and I can’t imagine what that was like for them.  Also the community supporters that purchased the 3D printer for the school were there as well as some other media folks.

Lots more to tell you  and pictures will come in a few days but I had to get this wonderful experience a little out of my brain so wanted to share with my friends.

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Update on hands we are helping schools make for kids that need hands

I haven’t mentioned much lately about the prosthetic hand project we are working on but wanted to let you know there is still plenty going on.

Before I get to our activities, quite a few of you have asked me how you can support this project. Enabling the Future is a non profit.   Last year they provided 1000 hands to kids around the world for free.   Volunteers paid for the hands out of their own pocket, which is what we have been doing too.  If you would like to donate money to support this organization in 30 countries around the world here is the link for donations.  The money won’t come directly to us but it will help fund this important work.

In the last few weeks:

We toured WYNIT distributors of 3D printers and made some excellent contacts with people who want to help us.  Coolest thing was a printer that printed color objects with regular paper.   Mind blowing.  Not in our price range.

We were at a science fair for a small local private elementary school.  We had lots of people at our table although some were so tiny they couldn’t look over the table.  We had as many people at our table as all the other tables did so definitely a success.

We were at the Furman table with the hand and printer at the huge Greenville iMAGINE STEAM science fair with 14,000 people attending.   That was a lot of fun.  Made a couple great contacts.  This was a huge important event for us to be included in.  Thank you Furman and Upstate STEM Collaborative.

We had two training sessions for new volunteers.   One to talk to them about 3D printing and e-NABLE and one to actually have them assemble hands that one of our supporters at GE printed for us.  I would say we got about half a dozen good volunteers interested.

We had and all day “show and tell” display at OLLI building with lots and lots of curious people to look at the printer and the hand.  Hundreds stopped by on the busy Tuesday at OLLI.

Yesterday we were at the quarterly meeting of the Upstate STEM Collaborative and presented the projects we have been working on to educators and the business community.  Excellent networking event for everyone.   Made an important connection with Roper Mountain Science Museum.

And now the best part

Tomorrow afternoon we meet with students in Easley who printed a hand for an 11 year old from Easley and we will all present the hand to him.

And next Friday we go to another school where a family is flying in from New York with their 2 year old and will speak and present a hand to him.

If someone had told me I would be spending my retirement time with 3D printing and elementary and middle school kids and involved in STEAM education I would have said they were crazy.   Just goes to show if you pay attention and reach out there are some incredible things that can happen.

Big Hand - 2 feet

Big Hand – 2 feet

Getty_hands 014


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New friends and helpers

Bob is very excited that he found a young man, grandson of one of our neighbors, to help him with yard work this spring.   We have 10 yards of wood chips to put down, shed to paint and some other clean up tasks. Jeremy is a good worker and makes Bob’s life so much easier.

I assumed we would spend “life part two” with folks like us, over 65 and retired and that is partly true.   Little did I know we would also be making new friends in the “maker” world that are 12 and up – in middle school, young adults, energetic entrepreneurs.  Add in teachers and lots of people with Dr. in their name title as well as new people in the business world.   All because of the 3D printer and the e-NABLE hands.   Really quite remarkable.

We have been able to enjoy some nice spring days but the pollen count is starting to go up and I expect in a week we will be covered in the yellow pollen that is such a mess.   Oh well, I will still choose that over freezing temperatures and snow and ice.

Here are most of the members of our Steam tech TeamSteam Tech Team


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