Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Selling Marquetry Items

Bob has decided to sell his marquetry supplies.  All are in excellent condition.

Marquetry Stuff for sale in Travelers Rest SC    
Bob Choban 864-884-4890    
Veneer Supplies    
Highland Woodworking New Sale
Fret Saw $125.00 $40.00
Vacuum Pump (Gast DOA-V720-AA $289.00 $200.00
Vaccum Bag (polyurethane VS Extreme 2′ x 4′) $142.00 $100.00
Vaccum Bag Closure $12.90 $6.00
Vaccum wood press holder for veneer work    
23 x 20   $10.00
11 ½ x 11 ½   $5.00
11 x 11 ½   $5.00
Dual Edge Veneer Saw $17.95 $8.00
Gramercy Tool Veneer Saw $139.00 $70.00
Schurch Woodwork Vedge 2′ ruler $35.00 $20.00
Parker 3S Tape Dispenser $116.00 $60.00
Marshalltown seam roller 2” $11.45 $6.00
Veneer glue roller $9.90 $5.00
Veneer glue roller replacement $5.40 $3.00

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$903.60 $538.00

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What is wrong with Smoky cat?

Smoky cat has something weird health wise this last week. He has had three episodes from a few seconds to 45 minutes with paralyzed back legs or staggering. No pain and then he recovers completely and walks away. Couldn’t get into the vet yesterday, it was Sunday and the storm. Took him in today for blood work and exam. There are a few possibilities. Cold be blood clot, thyroid related or something off in his fluid minerals like potassium, just to name a few. Might have results tomorrow if the lab could pick up today. Such a worry and so scary to watch. You feel so helpless.

Follow up:   Got vet report back and everything looks fine in blood and urine.   They are stumped.   Next step is if we see it happen again try to get a phone video of what is happening.   I think it is acting like very tiny little strokes.  He is fine today.



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Grant Writing A to Z

I am halfway through my Grant Writing A to Z online course, 6 classes. I am keeping up and got 100% on my last quiz, there are only 5 questions. Keeping my things organized and learning a lot. I have an organization with a modest sized need that I am going to focus on. Don’t know where it will go but I’m sure I can help some. Stay tuned for me to tell you more when I get more information. I’m not one for liking to read a lot on line so I am printing out each class. That way it will be easier to go back and review the information and have it for future reference. Otherwise once I finish the class the information is gone.

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November Painting and More

I took two painting classes at OLLI.   One in acrylics and one in watercolor Chinese brush stroke.   Also am taking a class at the White Rabbit Gallery on water color.   I learn something new almost every time.

My last water color of a broken birch tree and coy fish.   I am reasonably happy with them especially since it was a first time doing those items.   I found watercolor is more forgiving then I thought.  I have one more class this Monday.  I really like Patty my teacher and will take more classes from her.   I have an alcohol ink one on Tuesday night and I know nothing about that art medium.  Should be interesting.   The classes are only $30 for 2 – 3 hours.IMG_0641

I missed  several of my acrylic classes but here are a few to share with you.   There is one I hated and am going to paint over.

Trees by the water

Blue Jay I painted from the picture/   This is my favorite.  All freehand.

I am also taking a private oil class on Thursday to work on a couple Christmas presents.  

Through week two on my grant writing online class.   Learning a lot but doing a grant is a great deal of work.   Don’t know how far I will go with it but good information.

Meetings with Furman Art and History Departments and the American Legion Post 214 are going nicely.   Hope to be able to offer 2 art students and 2 history students some type of internship starting in Jan.   We are all very excited.

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Hurricane Michael Update

Hurricane Michael Update – Looks like it has passed just leaving us with some rain last night. Blue sky is starting to show through. Have not heard yet how the rest of the state is doing. Pictures out of Panama City area show so much destruction.


Flowers and impressionism painting

Here are my latest paintings. A large and small impressionistic painting done with a palette knife so LOTS of texture. This was my last OLLI class.  The little tiny flower with blue background was done at a Kym Easter class at White Rabbit and is acrylic and it is about 4″ square. The other two are the first ones I have worked on at home on my own with my new water based oils paints. Lots to learn here with the canvas being very rough and learning how to mix the paints. Most of the time paint was too thick and I had a glop to work with but learning. I just added the $2 bill so you could get and idea of the size.


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Painting mountains and water and plants

My newest pictures the last few weeks. All are oils and from the same instructor. The two together are little pictures about 6″. I have one more pallete knife this Thursday.   Started a rose painting on my own at home so learning a lot. Did a very cute little 4″ one last Monday so stay tuned. What are your favorites?

Spring in the mountains


Calm day at the beach


Little baby pictures.   This canvas is very different, much coarser,  so having trouble getting the paint to flow.


Lilacs in copper vase, my least favorite.   Done with a pallet knife.

Mountain stream


Stormy skies


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Chihuly at Biltmore Estate

Went to the Biltmore Estate yesterday for the Chihuly glass exhibit. The photos don’t do it justice. It is a one of a kind beautiful experience. Greenville has one sculpture and that cost $300,000 so that gives you an idea what this is worth. It will be there until Oct. 7.   Enjoy the pictures.   Here is a link to the one in Greenville.   I can’t believe Bob and I haven’t seen it yet.  We will soon.

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