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Review of our new appliances and living green

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I read before we moved here that SC is supposed to have very clean water.  Unfortunately now I can’t find the article.  The water does taste good so no Culligan water filter here.

Water is soft, no water softner!

We have a ceptic system so still learning about that.  So far no problems.  I guess there are special paper products and soaps that are better for the system so will be looking for those.

We put in the energy efficient bulbs in every light that we could.  However, we do want to dim the lights in the TV room and you can’t easily dim those lights so we had to take them out and replace with the old bulbs. 

The grass seems to grow pretty slow, yes I know it is new sod, but we are not planning on mowing it this year.

We did get True Green lawn service again.  With the new sod and the red clay soil we thought we needed some help, plus the soil is very alkaline.   Problem here is the grass does grow all year so instead of 4 treatments a year it is 8.

Doesn’t get as cold as MN so don’t think our heating bill will be very high but probably will use more air conditioning.

Front loading washer and dryer – definitely uses a lot less water to wash and very quiet.  I have been trying not to use my Downy fabric softner, just the sheets, but the towels just don’t feel the same!  Both the washer and dryer have timers that show how long is left and that is nice.

Flat top stove – looks nice but much harder to keep clean.

Dishwasher – pretty quiet.

Refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser and double doors with pull out freezer drawer – The freezer is huge and the pull out function is great.   We have not even turned on the full size freezer downstairs.   We like the icemaker and cold water.   Temperature control in the refrigerator has been tricky.  Froze and popped a bunch of soda so turned it up a little.  Seemed ok for a few days and then things started freezing again.  Bob read the manual and we found that if you open the door where the ice is and don’t close it completely then you have problems with the refrig. getting to cold.   Unfortunately we did not learn this until It froze all the fresh produce I got.  Bye bye lettuce, spinach, carrots, cabbage and a few more cans of soda!   One feature that is really nice is if you don’t close the refrig. or freezer door tight it beeps at you and that has happened several times.

46″ TV –  LOVE IT!  Haven’t had much chance to appreciate the surround sound speakers but that will come soon.    Dish TV just like Comcast – 200 channels and nothing to watch!  We did subscribe to NetFlix again. 

22″ TV in Kitchen – LOVE IT.  Clear pictures and it swivels around so easy to see from chairs or while cooking.  Dish tv is working well.   I listen to the Sirius jazz radio station all the time.  It’s good we have it because with my wireless Verizon card for internet access I have a 5 gig limit and so can’t listen to radio all the time like I used to.  It is really nice in the family room and kitchen to listen to the radio with the sound coming out the wall speakers and the TV and I can also walk into the living room/dining room and hear the music through the surround sound speakers.  Bob hasn’t had time yet to figure out how to connect our wireless speaker so we can listen to the music in the garage, basement or storage shed.   All the cable boxes, receiver, dvd player are in the closet in the office so not much in the living room.   Everything is controlled through two infra red receivers.    We even got the WII hooked up but haven’t had time to play with it.

Hot water – Just like in our MN house the water heater is in the farthest corner from the master bathroom so you have to run the water for a full minute before it gets hot.  For $600 we can put a booster heater on the water line.  Haven’t decided if it is worth that much to us.  Would save thousands of gallons of  water over the next 10 years.

Sprinkler System – Guy seemed to do a pretty good job of installing it and we get a lot of coverage for only two zones and a limited number of heads.  Some will have to be redone when we figure out what our landscaping is and already we need to change one because of the storage building.   Apparantly sprinkler systems are not very common here.

Security System – Got one but haven’t used it much.  We are always home.  Less per month then what we paid in MN and better system because it connects to most of our windows as well as the doors.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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