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What we have been up to and gator hides

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I have been a little lazy on my posts. Here is what we have been up to most recently.

Although Bob enjoyed seeing people the three weeks he was in MN he was very happy to be back in SC and I was pretty happy to see him also.

Future blogs will tell and show you about our holiday activities in Charleston, Naples and Atlanta. We had a fabulous time and each place had at least one very special feature.

Survivor – after Bob watched part of the last Survivor he decided 7 weeks in some remote spot was not what he was up to but he did fill out the application form. Pretty interesting questions and I think we will go over to the casting call just to see what that is like.

We have been busy shopping for the house. We lost power for a few hours this week so that pushed up looking for a used generator.  I found one on Dayton generator with a 8 HP Honda engine and 5000 start up watts. Not pretty to look at but seems to run well. $450 used and if new almost $2000. Hope we never need it.

Finally got the new bedspread etc. for the bedroom.  Pictures to follow soon and after Fay’s 6 visits to furniture stores and Bob’s three visits and lots of changes of mind on what we want, I think we finally decided on a couple love seats  – one for family room and one for living room.   Our challenge because the rooms aren’t real big is to figure out how to seat at least 4 people comfortably in at least one room.

Bob and I started water aerobics yesterday.   Class is Tues. and Thurs. for an hour.   Bob was quite surprised at how sore his muscles were today.   It is much more of a workout then you think because you don’t sweat and on at least the first day didn’t get out of breath.   I was worried the water would be too cold but it was fine.   Seems like a fun group and Bob is glad that there is at least one other guy in the class.  2 guys, 18 women!

I am continuing with my neighborhood networking.   Went to a coffee party that my neighbor Kathy had last Sat. We have a new young couple that moved in right before Christmas and her husband works nights and she has two little twins (boy and girl)  so she is glad to have a phone number of a neighbor close by and I told her I would like to have the kids get to know me so if she had an emergency they would be comfortable with me watching them.  Friday met again with a woman I had coffee with several months ago.   She is a long time SC resident and is a wealth of information on what is going on.  Her name is Rosemary.  We had coffee at a cute little coffee shop in Greer.  She told me about a group for new people in Greenville and I sent in our application today.   Looks like they have groups on gardening, book clubs, social activities, golf, etc.  Bob is connecting with a future neighbor named Ed on doing some woodworking projects.  I  met both Ed and his wife Vickie when they were looking at lots across the street from us and showed them our house and gave some tips on our experience building and she said our conversation was what tipped the scales for them to build.  Their house should be done late spring.  They are from Florida.

Lower level work in rec. room and work rooms continues on.   We now have lights in the hung ceiling and our neighbor Stephanie is going to prime and paint.   Her husband got laid off recently so this will give them a little extra money and is a big help to Bob so he can go on to work on other things.  Based on some landscaping we saw in Atlanta we have new ideas on what we could do with our steep slope in the back.

We continue to enjoy the weather and the spa outside.  Will be staying close to home until we leave for our month in Clearwater Feb. 15.

I’m sure you all remember Bob’s gator trip with his friend Greg in Naples last Dec.   Here is a picture of the hides Greg got processed and then a photo of what is bing made.   He still has a pair of boots coming.   Bob will get one of the belts.


Belts and Shoes


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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