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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

It was a good week!

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I spite of a week of rain and Bob and I struggling with cold/allergy stuffy noses we got a lot done this week.

Picked out carpet and tile for walk out room and got it scheduled for delivery April 6.

New comfortair bed was delivered Thursday.   So far we love it.

Really cool new front screen door installed Thursday.   Just when you think there could be nothing new in a screen door we were proved wrong.   It has two really nice features.   A keypad lock and a retractable hidden screen that magically pulls down.   Hard to explain but really nice.  Now it just needs to get warm enough to have the door open!

A new heated matress pad.  Bob keeps whining that he is cold and I am never cold so this seemed like a good idea.   Will sleep on it for the first time tonight.

Finally found towels and shower curtain for master bath that coordinates with the new bedroom spread and think we found patio table furniture for the deck and our two white rocking chairs for the front porch.  Just need to hook up the trailer to get them home.  Of course everything has to be on sale.  No full prices at our house if we can help it.

It took me forever but I finally got six months of Quicken entries done and all our bank and investing accounts updated.   The picture looks better then I expected.  Seeing the information in one place that  I have entered myself always seems more real then looking at multiple statements.  Also got the taxes to our new accountant.

My least favorite thing to do is iron so I always let it pile up.  I watched 4 hours of my recorded All My Children soap and got it all done yesterday.  Whew!

The guy we had help clear out our wooded area last fall came back with his partner and they will help us seed the back yard, put in another sprinkler head and plant trees and mow the lawn.   Very good ideas from them and I think fair prices.  The back yard is so steep Bob couldn’t see himself mowing it.   In 47 feet it drops 13 feet!  Good news is the grass is well rooted and we are not seeing erosion from the rain.

And I hope best of all, I hope we have found someone to help Bob with painting, yard work, etc.  Found him on   We will meet him on Monday.   Sure hope he works out for his sake and hours.  He described himself as a 19 year old  guy with a 2 year old son, high school dropout but working on his GED and laid off from his job.  Says he has landscape and some building experience.  Babysits the son until noon so is available in the afternoon.  Bob is a little paranoid about a stranger in the house so we will be cautious.

Still dreary today but surprisingly warm.   We had coffee this morning on the screened porch with just a sweat shirt on.  We thought this fall that we didn’t have many birds but were we ever wrong.   We had an incredible concert of jays, crows, owls, mourning doves and a few others I didn’t recognize and absolutely no traffic sounds or dogs barking.   It was wonderful.

Bob will start painting the trim in the walk out room today and tomorrow we will put up heat reflecting film on our front windows.   We already know those rooms get really hot when the sun comes out.

I still have some things that never got properly unpacked and just stuffed in a few cupboards to get sorted out, a few plants to put in pots (lavendar, rosemary, catnip, ivy and panseys) as soon as it stops raining and finally have my paints out!

Greenville Newcomers group and Life Long Learning at Furman have lots of tours and events coming up in April so you will be hearing more about that in the weeks to come.   Tuesday is the first spring get together with Greenville Newcomers group and Friday is an Antiques and Collectables trip with the Furman group.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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