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The God Committee Play

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Bob and I went to one of the most powerful plays we have ever seen at CenterStage in Greenville.

It takes place in a hospital in a meeting room where a group of people meet every week to decide who is going to get available donor organs.

The group the head of the surgery team, another surgeon very obnoxious (think House TV show), another surgeon, a nurse, a psychiatrist, a social worker and a priest who has been a prosecuting attorney for 34 years.  They have to decide which of three people will get the heart that is coming in.   It is done in real time over 70 minutes.  The acting was great and they took a very tense story and broke it up with appropriate humor.

Here is an in depth review not from Greenville paper but still the same play.

I learned so much about the criteria for people receiving organs and the issues the committees face.

South Carolina just became a part of the national donor registration at Christmas 2008 so even though our new drivers licenses have the donor heart on it we were not registered yesterday but we are now.

It is a play everyone should see.  There are 100,000 people waiting for a tissue or organ transplant and only 14,000 people signed up as donors.

I encourage you to sign up now.   You can learn more at


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