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NC Arboretum in Asheville and Farmers Market

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On Thursday I drove with a new friend G. Ann, up to Asheville NC for a Greenville Newcomers Garden tour at the Arboretum.  G. Ann lives close to me and we found we had a great deal in common.   I look forward to Bob and I getting to know her and her husband Al better.   They live in Taylors. I have talked often about wanting to meet new people and we are certainly doing that.  The trick is to also find people who live close to you.  For my Minnesota readers it would be like you live in Roseville and you want to meet people from White Bear Lake and most of the people you meet live in Minnetonka.

It was a lovely day to tour the Arboretum.  They have had very heavy flooding rains the last few days.   I saw where the river had flooded a camp ground. Is is a beautiful 45 minute drive from our house.  We got off to a rocky start.   The volunteer Arboretum guide called in sick and our garden group leader got stuck behind a truck moving a garage on the freeway and arrived late.  Fortunately, thanks to cell phones, she got hold of us and we didn’t  wait.  Everything is well marked and we had good maps so it was not a problem.

They have about 350 acres and a new exhibit center  which featured bird illustrations.  Beautiful and a creative display.  Not your usual “pictures hanging on a wall”.

The arboretum is known for their huge bonsai exhibit.  We saw the main exhibit and then took a “little walk” to two more big displays but not as fancy.   The “little walk” ended up being .6 miles (partly up hill) on a dirt path in the deep woods.  With all the rain there were all kinds of mushrooms growing in the woods.  I didn’t know there were so many kinds of mushrooms!  Toward the end it got pretty warm.   I was lucky because I wore walking shoes and had a bottle of water.   Some of my walking companions weren’t so lucky.  Thank goodness someone gave us a ride back.  My ankle has been giving me problems and I would have over done it walking another .6 miles!

After lunch at the Arboretum we drove 10 minutes to a farmers market in Asheville.  It is huge and a combination of food and garden items and gifts.  Lots of apples because that part of NC is a huge producer of apples.  I bought an assortment of tomatoes.   I want to try making fried green tomatoes.

Enjoy the photos.

Sedum Garden

I really liked this little garden.  Unique, easy to build, not to big and
takes care of itself.

Sedum Garden

Quilt Garden and a Beautiful View

Quilt Garden

Flowering BonsaiFlowering Bonsai

Bonsai Arrangement

Bonsai Arrangement

Bonsai in a greenhouse  not on display.

There is another greenhouse just like this.  They have hundreds of bonsai.



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