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Fay and Bob Pen Turning

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I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  Can’t remember anything in recent memory that has both of us so pumped.   We went to our pen turning class on Sunday.  It was so much fun.   I used for the first time a drill press, band saw and lathe.  Still have all my fingers.   We bought all the equipment necessary so we can make more pens at home.   I don’t need my Tarot Card deck to see lots of pens and pencils as gifts to family and friends and maybe give to non profits for fund raising events.  Maybe I can even sell a few.  There were 5 of us in the class, all very new to lathes,  and we produced 5 beautiful pens.

The photos show it all. The first one is me at the lathe, a midi size one vs mini size or the full size one we have at home.

This shows the size of wood we start with and how small it gets.  It does make a bit of a mess.

Here are our finished pens.  The wood is from Africa, have to go find my notes on the name of it.   It was VERY hard.  The color of the wood in the photo is pretty true.   The fittings were shiny gold. 

Pretty nice for a first try.  Different size pens and pencils require different drill bits.  For now we will just start out with the same size we used in class.   There are also some fittings that are harder to put in so that will be when we are also more experienced.  There are also fountain pens.   Those fittings seem to be the most expensive.   At Woodcrafter store the fittings are $4 to $14 and the wood is under a dollar.   Seems inexpensive  but you need a band saw, drill press, lathe and about $300 of other specific wood turning equipment to make it all work easily.

Here is what we can aspire to:

Here is the artist.  She has been doing pens for a couple years.

Fay and the instructor.

In addition to everything else we bought, we got 5# of wood pen blanks.  That is 73 pieces and about 8 kinds of wood plus many exotic pieces.

Bob already knows I will pester the heck out of him to finish getting his band saw and drill press set up.   He just picked up the last of the big equipment on Saturday and is putting it together as I type this so soon you will see photos of his (our?) workshop.

Although I have always liked wood and refinished things 30 years ago, I never thought I would get so excited about wood turning.  Just goes to show if you have an open mind you can start some very fun new adventures.  I image by  Wed. or Thursday I can be making pens at home.


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