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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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How do you like my spring pink look on the blog?

At the end of last week we took a tour of an engineering firm that does most of there work as custom creations.   Fascinating conversation of how their business model has changed, what it’s like to work with engineers, etc.   I don’t miss having my life controlled by a Microsoft Project Plan!

We  went to a super dance recital at Furman University.  We went last year also.  30 performances  with dancers solo or in groups dancing modern, ethnic, ballet, etc.  Furman campus has to be one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.   It has several huge fountains, streets lined with gigantic trees, a beautiful lake and bell tower, little Japanese garden and many, many, many spring blooming flowers.

On Tuesday my foreign affairs class discussed the United Nations R2P or Responsibility to Protect the people in countries who are faced with war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing etc.  Kenya was the example of something that at least to begin with seems to be working.   The key element seems to be getting the UN and other entities involved before things get really bad.

My Elder Wisdom Circle discussed these two question:

1. An ongoing debate in our country has to do with the potential
legalization of so-called moral crimes such as marijuana usage and
Proponents talk about the benefits of increased tax revenues,
greater controls, fewer “criminals”  being processed in our court and prison
system, etc. However, opponents have the compelling argument that we are
slowly stripping our society of its long-standing morality and values that
made this country great. These values may be somewhat puritanical, but they
also give rise to our work ethic, motivation to help others in need,
relationships and interactions with other people, and the list goes on. What
do you think about this topic? Have we already gone too far in ridding our
legal system of its moralistic overtones, or do you think we need to go back
and build more of these values into our nations laws? Why or why not?

I was surprised that most of the 25 people didn’t see these two examples as moral crimes and said legalize them.

2. It is now understood that cognitive intelligence (as measured by the IQ
test) is only one of many human intelligences. And, in many cases it might
not even be the most important intelligence at our disposal. In many careers
and life callings, “emotional intelligence” has been proven to be a better
indicator of success. How well do you understand your own emotions? Do you always think before acting on them? Do you ever say or do anything to anyone close to you that you later regret ­ knowing you shouldn’t have acted in the first place, but couldn¹t help yourself? How well do you read the emotions of others? Can you feel empathy, compassion, and love for another person even when they are acting out their emotions in a manner you do not like? Why do you think our society emphasizes cognitive intelligence, without (in most cases) even recognizing that emotional intelligence exists?

We hold a talking stick and each have 90 seconds to give our opinion on the question.

I attended a small meeting of a new group called Gadgets which is coordinated through

Bob finished his collapsiable work bench in the garage and built me a bluebird house which is already being checked out by bluebirds.  Pictures will follow soon.   With a neighbors help I found a young man to help Bob with some outdoor projects that start on Monday. Bob is in week 3 of his 8 week class of building a workbench at Woodworkers Guild.

Bob has been asked to help with security, id badges, technology in general for the new Greenville Woodworkers Guild Shop.  We went out to look at it.  It’s huge.   18,000 sq. feet of shop plus another 8,000 sq. feet in another building.   There is A LOT of work to be done cleaning out old stuff but when done it will really be nice.   Only down side is it is 30 minutes from our house and the existing shop is only 15 minutes.

We are waiting for a young friend of ours, April, and her roommate to arrive to spend a night with us as they travel home to Madison after their college spring break adventure.   We are so excited to have them visit.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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