Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Lots of activities to keep Fay and Bob busy

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It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about what we have been doing besides petting and holding Smoky and Sabrina which believe me takes a lot of time.  They both not only like to sit in our laps, often together in one lap, they also like to be held.  By held  I mean crawl up in my arms and be held like a little child.  It’s really sweet but hard to do when I am trying to work at the computer.  Smoky is especially cuddly.  Smoky still loves to watch the mouse move on the monitor and follow my typing on the monitor.  He has been trying to figure out what the sink in our bathroom is for and today decided it was a good place to curl up in.  Here is a photo of them playing with Bob.

In the last few weeks we:

  • Took a tour of the new water recycling plant.  Very interesting to see how sewage comes in and how is is processed before it is put back in the river
  • Heard a  presentation by a Secret Service Agent from Greenville – in addition to guarding the Pres. etc. they also have been very involved in counterfeit money.  Did you know that in 1865 when they were established that 1/3 of all the money in the country was counterfeit?
  • Toured the Governors School for the arts (a public high school where students live on campus) and study art, dance, theater, etc. and heard them play in a music recital.
  • Went to the Biltmore Mansion for summer flowers,  a rooftop tour and a visit to new areas they have just opened.  Had an incredible lunch in the new restaurant.   They had the best homemade pickles I have ever had in my life.   I hope the next time we go they are for sale.
  • Fay went with a friend to a delightful lunch and fashion show at the Commerce Club
  • Bob went  on a Newcomers hike at Table Rock Park which is near our house.  Here is a link to photos.
  • Fay had a delicious lunch and joint Newcomers board meeting at the elegant High Cotton (Delicious mushroom soup, a chicken breast sandwich with fried green tomatoes, salad and creme brulee).  I am going to continue on the board next year.
  • Fay had a friend over to make greeting cards.  My friend had some oriental paper that we used for beautiful cards and she gave me an idea for a really cool new card.  I will take photos to show you at a later time.
  • Fay continues her foreign affairs class where we discussed Russia, China, the global financial crisis, the Middle East and Peace initiatives.
  • My Elder Wisdom class discussed:
  • Many people today are talking about scaling back and living a more
    “Simple Life” – life just seems too complicated and filled with unnecessary
    tension ­ so let’s scale back and we¹ll be happier. Most of these people are
    talking more about scaling back their physical attachments (such as housing,
    wardrobe, luxury items, etc.) than their attachments to other people,
    ideas/perspectives and beliefs, self-concept, being right and others wrong,

    What are the things that matter most in your life (your children,
    grandchildren, health, wealth, spiritual growth, helping others, your golf
    swing)? In the past 24-48 hours, how much time have you actually spent on
    these things that matter most?

    What does it mean to be productive?  Is meditation productive?  Is holding the hand of a dying friend productive?   Must production be something tangible and measurable?

    What is the importance of telling our stories and history to family and friends?  What have you done to tell your story or your families story?

  • Bob has been doing a lot of work planting ground cover, a few more plants (knock out roses and peonies and lilies)  and bringing in mulch.  We found a place where we can get the trailer filled with good chips for $5.  So we brought in about 6 yards to finish everything instead of 26 yds we needed in MN.  Photos of before and after will come soon.  It looks SO nice.
  • Fay finished a new website called the which is about a book called Crafting a Successful Career: 8 Principles for Winning in a Challenging World by R.A. Kuffel and also did a blog to go along with the book.  I did the site in a little more than a week which must be some kind of record.  Richard Kuffel was great to work with.
  • Fay is almost done with a website to tell about our woodcraft items and have a shopping cart so you could purchase on line.   Hope to get that done tomorrow.
  • Fay and Bob went to ArtSphere art show on Saturday.  It was great.
  • Visited the Artists Guild Gallery to see the Greenville Woodcraft Exhibit.   Pictures to follow.  What a very nice gallery.
  • Weather cooled off  Sunday night and we had a nice soak under the stars in the hot tub.

Coming up this Thursday night I think we will go to the Greek Festival and check out Greek food and crafts and then on Friday through Tuesday we have company coming from MN.  Yippie!


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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