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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Southern Summer

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Happy Fourth of July.  Even though the country is not having it’s best year I still wish it a happy birthday and sincerely wish for better times ahead.

Finally yesterday we were able to turn the air conditioner off all day.   It has been unusually warm, 18 days over 90 and almost all were at least 95.  It is cooler in the morning, around 75, so we can always have coffee on the screen porch.  The ceiling fan makes a world of difference.   Kitties love exploring the deck plants, again, and watch the birds at the bird feeders.  After sunset it cools down to 80 or so and the kitties and I go enjoy the late evening air on the porch.   They LOVE to chase bugs.  Smoky gets so excited and runs from one side to the other watching a moth by the light.  I told Bob I think we have southern cats.   They love sleeping in the chairs on the porch, even when it’s hot.   It didn’t take them any time to find their water dish out there and they both love trying to drink out of my water bucket.   It’s still cooler than Naples FL but I must say a few times I miss the pool we had at the house.

I don’t usually talk sports but news this week that South Carolina won their first ever national baseball championship was welcome news.  It took 11 innings but they won.  The state is so proud of them.  Let’s face it, good news is hard to come by lately.  Also Greenville just picked the name for their new HOCKEY team – Greenville Road Warriors and hired the coach.   First game is October 15.

Big fireworks in Greenville tonight, 75,000 expected.  It will be minus Bob and I.   That’s just too many people.  We had a yummy salmon dinner with honey glaze last night with fresh green beans with honey and thyme grilled peaches with honey and pecans for dessert.  Yes I found some new honey recipes.  Tonight will have a nice grilled dinner  –  I think lamb patties and grilled vegetables or shrimp and scallops with pasta and fresh homemade pesto made with  basil from my garden.  Lots of things from the farmers market.

Speaking of Farmers Market, we have made Saturday morning visits to the large Greenville and smaller Travelers Rest markets.  The TR one has about a dozen vendors with lots of vegies and fruit, fresh bread, organic meats, honey, goat cheese and goat milk products.  It’s close and just the kind of things we like.   There are other markets open daily that I have yet to explore.  We are loving the SC peaches.  We have had tomatoes from my tomato plant a couple times and they taste better now.   My hanging tomato finally has a few green tomatoes.

We drained the hot tub.   Just weren’t using it now.   The lower level is really pretty with 6 big hanging plants and four large floor pots filled with flowers on the lower level patio.  Before we have company the end of July we will have to do a scrubbing of the cement to get rid of the mold.   Even in the sun it grows!

Other than that we go to Furman 2-3 times a week where Bob swims, I do water aerobics. Most days there is an afternoon nap or at least a rest.  I am working on a new little book that Helen is writing about life at Hazel Ridge and Bob is doing his woodworking stuff.  I have events several times a month with Newcomers and we both work on the membership database and Bob is working on security and internet systems for the new Guild building.  Life is good.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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