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Classes and day trips starting in September

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Bob and I just registered for our Life Long Learning classes and trips at Furman.   They start in mid September.  Here is a peak at what we are taking.  These classes are 8-10 weeks.  We are really looking forward to the classes.  I have missed them over the summer.  The cost a whopping $50 each and the one time ones are almost free.

Civil War Potpourri
Aside from reviewing some of the great battles of the war, we will uncover some
very important but somewhat overlooked personalities and examine some of the more enduring myths that came from the epic conflict. In a segment entitled “Blunders, Bumbling, Bustles and Booze,” we’ll take a look at the many mistakes and mishaps that occurred and examine the role of women and “John Barleycorn” during the internal strife of the 19th Century that shaped modern
America. All agendas, causes and baggage should be left in the parking lot adjacent to the classroom. Bring an open mind and sense of humor into the class.

Behind the News
During this eight-week course, learn how the news you read in the paper or see on TV is produced. We will spend the frst four weeks at the studios of WYFF on Rutherford Street, where we will hear from the news director and one of the anchors, as well as tour the set where the newscast originates. The next four weeks will be spent at The Greenville News at Main and Broad Streets, downtown.  The frst day will involve a fair amount of walking through the offces, pressroom and some stairs. We will talk with the editors, feature writers, and the publisher.

Grave Decisions: Burial and Environmental Costs
When it comes to burials we are in a sea of change. For most of us, our only real
experience with the funeral industry is when  a loved one dies. Then we may !nd ourselves under BOTH time and emotional pressures. It is not a time for extensive research. Yet, there are many options. Most are unaware of
the environmental issues, costs and even the many types of burials available. We’ll discuss it all. We’ll have two speakers and a field trip. The Memorial Reef burial was founded with a Greenville connection and the first natural burial in the country originated right here in the Upstate.

These next ones are one time 2 hour fieldtrips.

How to Have a Lush, Low Maintenance Garden

City Scape Winery Learn how to make your own wine and taste a
few of the locally made wines

International Center for Automotive Research (CUICAR)—Greenville – The anchor for the new Millennium Campus, this facility incorporates several automotive related operations.Furman University’s Antiques and Art

Chinese Dumpling Party

Courtyard Marriott Hotel and Nantucket Grill

Plus lots of fun things with Newcomers.   One we are especially looking forward to at the end of September  is an overnight trip and staying at the YMCA camp by Pretty Place.   There are all kinds of activities planned at the camp.  Also in November going to see one of the first hockey games of our new hockey team.  Big birthday party for our Newcomers group.   We turn 40 in October.

Such is the life of us retired folk.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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