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Our trip to Minnesota and fall activities

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In early September we made a trip back for Bob’s nephew Jeff’s wedding and to visit with family and friends.  Thanks to the efforts of several friends and family we had the opportunity to see over 50 of our very special family and friends.

This is the party goose that greeted us at our neighbors Lee and Anita.

Even though we have made friends in SC it doesn’t compare to the depth of friendship that comes when you have known people for 20 or 30 years.   All that history together makes for very special relationships.

This is a group of people I worked with at the U of MN.

We had 6 different beds in 7 nights so got the opportunity to live out of our suitcases but it wasn’t bad. When we arrived it was 86 but after that got COLD!

Doggies Stella and Ruby helped give Fay her animal love.   They crawled under the covers at night and quietly snuggled with us.  Other doggies Nora and Birdie also showed us their furry love.  I brought all the dogs treats from the company that I just did a web site for

For all our human hosts we brought items we have turned on the lathe – pens, bottle stoppers and candles so they have something to remember us by.  We have fun making them and even more fun giving them as gifts.

We also got to a Twins game at the new Target Stadium.   It was really beautiful and fun to be outside watching the game even though it was cool.  Isn’t that a spectacular view of the city?

The wedding was in Wadena, MN about 3 hours from the Twin Cities and we really enjoyed the drive up there and back.  All back roads through little towns and lush farming land.  So very relaxing and beautiful.  The pre wedding activities were a little difficult.   The bride and groom to be had a flat tire on the way to Wadena, the brides sister had a car accident and totaled her sisters car (no one hurt), Bob’s mom Helen fell in the middle of the night and broke her ankle in two places and the flower girl Mimi fell in her white dress on the lawn and got  grass stains and goose poop all over her dress.  The wedding was outdoors.   Helen made it to the wedding but not the reception and a couple days later had surgery to repair her ankle and is now recovering for several weeks in a transition facility in Roseville.  Helen is such a trooper. Mimi’s dad Chad used a toothbrush, soap  to clean the dress and the hotel  hair dryer to dry the dress to make it look like new. You would never have know there was an accident.

Fay and Bob with Bob’s great niece Mimi.   Isn’t Mimi a beauty?  Fay and Bob clean up pretty good too.

Jeff and Sara the bride and groom.  The wedding was outside with a little lake as a background.   Weather was perfect.  We wish them a very happy life together.

And what trip to MN would be complete unless you had a photo of one of the 10,000 lakes.   This was taken in Litchfield at my friend Chris’s lake home.

A big thank you to everyone who made this a very special trip back to MN.  We will be coming back again next June.  That trip  will be here before we know it.

Travel is nice but Bob and I can both wait awhile to get on an airplane again.  It’s good to be back in SC.  Weather is cooling off and the trees are just beginning to turn a little.  Apple season is almost here.  We are only 20 miles from the NC border.   Did you know NC produces as many apples as Washington?   I’m doing my fall planting of pansies and flowering kale and cabbage.

We have visitors coming from MN next weekend and from California for a week in mid October.  Our three classes and Friday trips start at Furman next week and there are always Newcomers activities so it will be a busy fun fall.  We may even get a trip to NC wine country in early October.  Wine country like California but only 4 hours away.

Our next trip is a time share vacation for a week in November and is a driving trip to Nashville (6 hours) and Memphis (another 1.5 hours) .  It will be a beautiful time of year to drive there.  We know the area is still recovering from the flood earlier this year but I’m sure will still have a good time.   I just got the travel books from both cities and we are getting pumped for Elvis, country music and lots of history and plantation tours.  If anyone has been there and has hints please pass them along.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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