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Where did October go?

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Here it is almost Thanksgiving and I haven’t told you about our busy October.   I guess that says a lot.   I was so busy I didn’t have time to blog.  I will start out with our two trips to NC wineries.  It is a beautiful three hour drive and we saw some very nice fall colors.

The first weekend in October we went with our friends Lyn and Bob from Charleston for two nights up to Elkin, NC.   Wine country!  In addition to trying out wine we had a very fun tour of a local organic farm.  The had an indoor place like this and several outdoor fields.   Her husband has a winery with a restaurant and this provides food for the restaurant as well as local farmers market.   Now I understand why organic food is more expensive.  It is a lot of work. After the farm tour we went to the restaurant and the Chef, who was very funny, showed us how to make squash soup.   We had a fantastic lunch at the restaurant.   The green salad I had was probably the best salad I have ever had.  Sanders Ridge Vineyard, Winery & Restaurant

Lyn and Bob belong to the Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery Wine Club and we went to their quarterly food and wine paring special dinner.  It was a gorgeous day and the evening started with hors devours on the patio .

There was no shortage of delicious wine and food.   Our hotel package included a ride to the winery and back to the hotel so no worry about driving.  It was a very special evening.

One neat winery was the Divine Lama  (de vine, get it?)

Later in the month when our friends Shari and Gary came from CA and spent a week with us we drove back up to show them someplace other than CA has good wine.  Here is the wine glass collection from wine tastings that we brought home.  Gary really wanted to find some hard cider and I remembered seeing a winery that had some so he got his wish.  They even bought a bottle of muscadine wine.   I haven’t developed a taste for it but they liked it.

How about a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway?  Here is a photo of us enjoying a very good picnic lunch.   We didn’t know this until the end of the lunch when another traveler said “The park ranger is coming.   You might want to hide the wine bottle.”  OOPS!  Please notice that this is a “white tablecloth lunch”.  This is a signature feature of all our picnic lunches.   Ready to come visit?

I think one of their favorite activities might have been a trip to the BMW Museum. Gary has a BMW.   There is a big BMW plant here in Greenville and they actually made his car here.  There is also a tour of the plant but that was closed down for a month while they prepare it to make the next new model car.   Definitely a place we want to return too. The other thing that was a big hit with Shari and especially Gary were my homemade refrigerator bread and butter pickles.   We ate two jars of them!

We had so much fun and they were such easy guests.   We also showed them downtown Greenville and the Folk Art Center and other local attractions.  It’s so nice to have company.   As a thank you gift they sent us a Rabbit wine bottle opener.   WOW!   It is so easy to use.   WE LOVE IT and think of them every time we open a bottle of wine.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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