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Out and about town – Chef’s Table Tour and Jazz Concert

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Last week we went to a really fun History and Chef’s Table Restaurant Tour.  It was a walking tour to 5 restaurants operated by Table 301, a local restaurant company,  We had an hors d’œuvres or a small entree at each place and fun drinks at several of the places as well as talked to the chef and toured the kitchen along with our tour guide and historian John Nolan who gave us the history of the surroundings.  John first saw these restaurant tours in New York and recently brought them to Greenville.   He is also the person in charge of the fabulous Bob Jones University religious art museum.  He has written a book about the history of downtown Greenville and we have taken several walking and trolley tours with him.   My many years in the food industry made this an extra special event for me. 

 We started out at Soby’s on the Side which is an upscale deli that also does tons of catering out of a very tiny kitchen.  We had three yummy snacks including their signature crab cake.  Next to a not yet opened Nose Dive gastro pub, a new term for upscale pub food.  Had a local beer and a fish taco.   Definitely want to visit their when they open later this week.   Affordable fun food and entertainment.  Then on to the Lazy Goat, a mediterranean restaurant, for Sangria and snacks.  On Thursdays they have 1/2 price wine and special menu items so want to visit again.  We have eaten their several times.  Great outdoor dining in the summer and sometimes live entertainment. Next was Soby’s New South Cuisine, the original restaurant of the group featuring very good quality southern food.  We were treated to a roaring fire, hot cider, Creole shrimp and grits, their signature biscuits and a special cocktail so new it wasn’t named yet.  It was vodka infused with peppers.  Very good.  Our last stop was Devereaux’s, an  upscale restaurant, where we had dessert.  Their very special signature 10 course meal is $120 a person.  Would LOVE to splurge on that someday.   They also have a 5 course meal.  To say that these young men and women chefs work hard would be an understatement.   Each of them talked about the long hours but also that they had a passion for what they do and that makes the hard work and long hours better.  Table 301 definitely has recruited an exceptional group of people.  I hope you get a chance to check out these fine restaurants.

There were about 20 of us so it was also a fun time visiting with people as well as good food.  No one was hungry when we left.   The weather wasn’t very nice so we didn’t have as much history during our walk as we might have another time.  The tour is available to anyone and more details are at

Tuesday night we went to Furman for a Jazz Recital featuring big band music.   Fabulous.   What very talented young artists.   There were about 20 in the band with lots of sax, trumpet and trombones as well as guitar, drums, piano and clarinet.  I kept thinking of my dad who played the saxaphone and loved big band music and also played in bands when he was young.   One of my favorite memories of him is when I could get him to take out his sax and play for me.  I grew up listening to Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, etc.   Here is a photo of my dad Harold taken in 1933.

We had such a good time and only $5 for each ticket.  It rained cats and dogs on our way home but that could not dampen our mood of the great evening.   Can’t wait to go to their other concerts throughout the year.


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