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Black History Month and the Confederate States of America

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February is Black History Month and it seems a good time to reflect on this important aspect of our countries history.   This web site is interesting and has something for everyone from a timeline of black history to information on influential  black leaders and icons.

On a related note, Bob and I watched a downloadable movie last night and we can’t stop thinking about and talking about it.   I watched it twice, in one night.   It is a Spike Lee production called Confederate States of America and it is about what our country and the worlds history might have been like if the South won the Civil War.  The movie is shown as a documentary done by a British company, including commercials.  The commercials left me speechless.

 Just to get you thinking:

  • What would have happened to Lincoln if the South won the war and he was not assassinated?
  • What could have happened that made Canada our enemy and forced the building of a wall at the border?
  • Would Germany, the Nazis and the Jews have had a different outcome? 
  • What would have happened to other non white people including those with red and yellow skin and those living south of the US border? 
  • Would there have been a woman’s rights movement?   
  • Here is a spoiler for you – there is no black president.  

I highly recommend this film.   I warn you the dialogue and scenes  are offensive but watching it really gives you some new brain cells imagining a different reality for our history.  This movie  joins a short list of  things I have seen that make me “uncomfortably squirmy”.  I haven’t seen a movie this thought provoking since I watched the first two Zeitgeist films.  For those of you into conspiracy theories, if you haven’t watched Zeitrgeist you should. They just came out with the third movie last Monday, Zeitgeist Moving Forward and I just ordered it.   Let me know if you watch either Zeitgeist or Confederate States of America.  

Below are some of the reviews which I must say I agree with.

Alternately creepy (the “documentary” part is such an exact parody of the genre that it could air on the History Channel) and hilarious…
      Kansas City Star

     “easily the nerviest film about race, religion, and U.S. imperialism ever made.”
     New Times

     “CSA” applies a blend of whimsy and reality…the film becomes a disturbing reflection of racial strife that lingers today.

     …viewers will laugh uncomfortably at times and the film will certainly provoke a discussion.

     “C.S.A.” may be too smart for its own good.
     Original Dissent 

     C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America could be the most controversial movie you’ll never see…
     Entertainment Weekly 

     …Wilmott lays down a gauntlet, indicting ingrained attitudes and prejudices, and daring us all to do something about it. 

     …spot-on parodies of documentary form and television marketing. Slave-shopping network, anyone?
     Guardian Unlimited Film 

     By not reducing the complexities of race, identity, politics and culture to   pedantic dialogue or rote poses, Willmott and Evans have helped Sundance make good on its aspiration to present exciting and provocative Negro cinema.
     LA Weekly

     …CSA isn’t pious; it’s scandalous, fearless and hilarious–a satire that overlaps with our own world in juicy and unsettling ways, undoing reality and embracing it at the same time.
     Entertainment Weekly


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