Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

A year with Smoky and Sabrina

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It is hard to believe but Smoky and Sabrina have been a part of our household for a year.  They have added so much richness and fun and laughs to our life.

You might remember they got off to a rough start.   Sabrina was scared and hid for 3 days and Smoky was sick with an upper respiratory infection.

I can no longer call Sabrina “Chunky”.   The diet food and all her running around outside have turned her into a sleek beautiful little cat with beautiful shiny black fur except for the slight pink tinge from our red soil on her little white feet. 

While very independent she is a cuddler and is the cat I can pick up and hold and she snuggles in my arms.  She sleeps in until 8 a.m. now so no more 3 a.m. wake ups of Fay so she can eat or play  Most nights she sleeps tucked in by my legs.  She is probably a little more my cat than Bob’s. 

She still is vocal and makes her funnymeow/ chirping/purring sound and as I have said before she is a hunter.   We now have been gifted with a bird, two mice, a rat and a lizard.  Fortunately she doesn’t seem to eat them.  She is the playful cat and the one that is fascinated by me cooking supper in the kitchen.  To keep her out from underfoot a couple times I have moved a stool into the kitchen and she sits on it and watches me so I don’t trip over her.  Her knick names are Blackie and Little Girl.

Smoky has grown to be a very big boy and not just the jelly belly he has.  Hopefully running around outside will help him loose a little weight.  While big as a small dog, he is sweet, cuddley and loves sleeping on Bob’s lap.  I can’t pick him up and hold him for too long but he does tolerate it some.  

He is the curious cat and explores everything.   We have to be so careful not to lock him in a closet.  He very rarely makes a sound and has such a sweet personality.  He is definitely Bob’s cat and as soon as Bob sits down Smoky is sprawled in his lap.  If Bob isn’t available he gladly crawls in my lap.  Most mornings I wake up to see him sitting in our bathroom sink waiting for us to turn on the faucet.   He LOVES dripping water.  He tries so hard to sleep in the little bed but as you can see he kind of spills out.  His knick names are Smoker and Big Guy.

Like most cats they will come when you call them, if they feel like it.   We are blessed with two sweet loveable lap cats.

Smiky and Sabrina wanted me to tell you they use their litter box and have never had an accident and also are really good about using their scratching post and scratching box so they don’t claw the furniture and with all their claws they can climb trees.  They also really like being in Bob’s workshop and rolling in the sawdust.  A soft blanket or bed is where we head several times a day to knead.   If  Fay has our favorite blanket on her lap we will sit there.   We think she uses it to bribe us on to her lap but that’s ok.  We all end up happy.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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