Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Little Lizard Lady

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Sabrina has a new nickname.   Little Lizard Lady.   Almost every day she brings us a lizard, interspersed with mice and an occasionally bird.

We have bright green lizards, also I think called skinks-really ugly, little light green ones and brown ones.   They are alive or dead, on the porch, deck and even twice in the house.  I thought the brown one was a twig I dropped until it ran off into the bookcase.   The brown ones seem to surive and when Bob catches them, with gloves on, one tried to bite his finger.   Bob is such a good sport to come and take care of whatever Sabrina brings home.  We don’t know if lizards have teeth or not.  Sabrina doesn’t seem to eat her critters, just hunts them and brings them home to her family.

Such is the life when you have carnivores living in your house.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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