Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Linebacker Sabrina

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I was out watering my deck plants a couple days ago and heard this commotion on the lawn.  Sabrina was after something.   I thought at first it was a chipmunk but I looked closer and it was a squirrel, about half the size of her.

As I watched her the only way to describe it was like a football linebacker tackeling something.   She raced after it and then pounced on it so hard, there was a scrimmage and the squirrel escaped up a tree.   Thankfully Sabrina didn’t follow up the tree.   Hope the squirrel is ok.

She had been content lately just chasing bugs so this was kind of a surprise.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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