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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

A busy week

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A very busy and fun week last week.  Monday night Bob and I went to the monthly Woodworkers Guild meeting.  The program was on furniture repair and finishing.   We got to see for the first time the beautiful auditorium seating they just installed.   Nice comfortable padded chairs.   There were probably a couple hundred people there.   They always have “show and tell” and it is so much fun, not to mention motivating, to see what people do.   I think at the next meeting we will take some of our boxes.

Tuesday I had my first OLLI Shakespear class.  We will be studying three comedies ; Comedy of errors, Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing.   The only one I know is Taming of the Shrew and it has been decades since I saw it.   I’m going to look for movies on Netflix and get my memory refreshed. 

Tuesday night Bob and I went to the Travelers Rest  Business Association appreciation picnic for city workers, fire fighters, police officers, etc.  It was a very nice homey sweet small town event.

Thursday Bob and I went to our  OLLI “In Conversation” class.  The moderator is very entertaining and he interviewed the chair of the Political Science program at Furman.  She was great.   He also interviewed two of her students who were interns last summer for variouscongress men.  He asked good questions, the students were inspiring and make one hopeful for the future.  Exceeded expectations.   We can’t wait to see more.

Friday we went on and OLLI Natural History walk around Lake Placid on Paris Mt., 15 minutes from our house.   We took the same field trip a couple years ago with the same instructor.  Learned about the park, trees, bugs etc.  A nice group of people on the trip including one of my friends from the Tarot Ladies group.   Afterward Bob and I went out for lunch with the instructor and one other man.  Lunch is when you really get to know people.  The instuctor is a big Red Cross volunteer and he lit up like the sun when Bob told him what he used to do as a Network Engineer.   That could be a good fit for  Bob but we have to learn more.  This gentleman spent a month in Iowa when they had their disaster this spring so it could mean Bob would be gone for weeks if there is a disaster.

Saturday night we went out with the Greenville Newcomers to Saturday Dining Out.   A fantastic meal at Harry and Jeans.  Met old friends and some new ones.   It was a really fun night.

Sunday we got many, many projects done around the house and had an old fashion potroast for dinner.

Next week is equally jam packed.  As we retired folk say – we have six Saturdays and a Sunday in our week.

Happy Fall!


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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