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Edisto Island and Charleston SC Highlights

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We returned this afternoon from a week’s vacation on Edisto Island, SC with three day trips to Charleston.  The next couple weeks I will tell you about our adventures.  Edisto Island is 3 1/2 hours from our house.

We toured and  visited:

  • Visited a couple nice local craft stores.  Saw some great wood working inspirations
  • Pink Van history tour of Edisto Island
  • Botany Bay pontoon boat tour of the salt marsh on Edisto Island
  • Shrimp fest on Edisto Island
  • bus tour of Charleston
  • the beach on Edisto Island
  • Patriots Point, Medal of Honor Museum,  and Fort Sumpter in Charleston
  • Boon Plantation in Charleston
  • visited friends overnight in Charleston
  • ate at #1 new restaurant in Charleston as picked by Bon Appetit magazine
  • toured the only tea plantation in N. America and a winery at Wadmalaw Island-maybe the highlight of the trip
  • saw one of the oldest oak trees, Angel Oak, in America on St. John’s Island
  • visited CAW CAW nature preserve

It was a very good week with a good balance of doing things and having down time.

One downside was that it was hotter than we expected.  I thought going this late in Sept. it would be around 80 and it was closer to 90 with VERY high humidity several days. We both got pretty overheated a couple days.  After our travels all day we cooled off in the pool which felt great.    While our timeshare was ok it did have a few downsides.   We were on the third floor so 35 steps up and down several times a day and we were right next to four air conditioning units so it was usually pretty noisy to be outside.  We stayed at a Wyndham property.

Wonderful travel news on our last tank of gas in my 2006 Corolla. I got 39 miles to the gallon and gas here in Greenville is $2.97 at some gas stations.  That is the best mileage I have ever gotten.

We took almost 100 photos so my posts will have some pictures.  We missed Sabrina and Smoky and were glad to get home to see them.   Sabrina now seems totally back to her old self.   The daughter of one of our neighbors came to feed them.  They couldn’t wait to get outside. While it is fun and exciting to travel there is no place like home.



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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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