Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Issue – Smoky and Sabrina aren’t on daylight saving time

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Smoky and Sabrina say “My food and treats are an hour late”.

I can set my morning alarm clock by Smoky.  Between 8:02 and 8:08 a.m. he jumps on the bed to let me know he is awake.  Nothing more than that, just a little nose nudge that says “I’m awake and I can see the bottom of my food dish”.   Very low key.  Sabrina is sound asleep on the bed and now that she isn’t a little kitten anymore (remember as a kitten she thought 3 a.m. was a good time to wake me up because she wanted to play) seems to sleep as late as I do. She doesn’t move until she hears me put food in her dish.  Smoky wakes me up at the new daylight saving time of 7:04 a.m.

Around 8 p.m. they both get a canned food or baby food treat and they both let me know when that time comes.  I can’t mistake it, they come find me and then prowl around the kitchen until they get their treat.  However now they are doing it at daylight saving time which is 7 p.m. for me but 8 p.m for their little tummies.   Who will win out?   Do kitties get their treats on their time table or adjust to daylight saving time?

Well, maybe this isn’t a big issue but I hope it is a cute post from my kitties.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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