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Mail for Smoky and Sabrina

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Sabrina and Smoky have two “cat cousins Irma and Emma”, in Mn.   They live with my cousin Larry and his wife Lollie.   Irma and Emma “read” about Smoky and Sabrina’s adjustment to daylight savings time and sent a response.   I thought you would enjoy reading it.

Dear Smoky and Sabrina,

We saw the email Fay wrote regarding the change in your schedule.  We are having the same problems over here and nothing we do seems to be helping.  We can’t understand what is going on … and now you have the same problem.  Is it an epidemic of some type?

We’ve tried all kinds of tactics to get our food.  We meow.  We flirt.  We  pranced around, weaving between Larry’s legs and purring.  We  yowled  until our voices almost gave out.  Ida thought of biting but decided not to because of the trouble she got into the last time she  bit Larry.  Whew …. Lollie has a zero tolerance toward hard biting, and we understood her comment, “I brought you into this house and I can take you out of this house.”

We can’t seem to get anything to change so we have decided to just sleep in.  We heard Lollie say something about compromise so after a ½ hour of dancing around on Sunday night she gave us our bedtime snack.  But it seems like she’s dragging it out a little further each night.  We suspect she is being sneaky but we can’t quite figure out what is going on.

Both of us hope this situation gets resolved and hope it doesn’t happen again.  Don’t human’s know how important it is to stay on schedule?  We think not.

The other thing that has gotten weird is the weather.  Every morning we began the day checking out the world from our 3rd floor perch on the deck and after breakfast would lay out there in the morning watching bugs, birds, and sleeping.  In the late afternoon we would go out again and enjoy the warm sun and would laze around letting it warm our bones.  And when the sun goes down we would go out again after our bedtime snack to try catch bugs.

Lollie chuckles when we meow to get the deck door opened to go out on the deck… but now it’s cold so we don’t like staying there very long.  But Lollie doesn’t let us in right away … she lets us get quite chilly.  We think she’s being mean but when she opens the door she always says, “Have you learned yet  that it’s too cold out there to play?”  We aren’t sure what she means but we are thinking that maybe we won’t go outside anymore.

These humans really are strange … aren’t they?

Your MN cousins,
Ida and Emma


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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