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Strangers become new friends

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Bob and I just had the most incredible experience with a new family who stayed at our house.   First a little back round.   Several months ago my friend Janae in MN emailed me to see if our invitation for visitors included friends of friends.   She has a good friend, Sara, who is home schooling her three children ages 7,9, and 11.  That’s not too unusual but what is special is that she is taking them on a tour of all 50 state capitals.  Check out  What an adventure.   They left in mid Sept. and in two months have been to 33 capitals.

They came here from two days in Charleston.  They were a few hours behind schedule because a retired general offered to take the family out on his yacht to see Ft. Sumter from Charleston Harbor.   Bob and I can’t stay on schedule for a two week trip.   It is beyond my imagination how this young mother of three is doing it for two months so far and 10 months of the trip.  They arrived around 7 p.m. last night and we had such a wonderful evening and morning with them.   Everyone loved the kitties, hot tub, massage chair and Bob’s demonstration of pen turning.  There was lots of laughter and splashing.   Mom Sara even got some adult time and adult beverages while Bob played with the kids.  Sara lreally relaxed in the hot tub last night and massage chair this morning.   I think we sent them on their way feeling relaxed and happy.

The kids got a big kick out of seeing Bob make a pen, which they took home with them.  Sara loved our pens, bowls and candles  and bought almost all of our inventory for gifts.  Each of the family members has 50 States Tour t shirts and they are having all the people they stay with sign the shirts and will frame them at the end of the trip.   What a great memory piece!

After leaving here about 9:30 this morning they head to Columbia for SC state capital and then to Atlanta for a couple days before working their way to Florida where they will take a break and stay with family for 6 weeks and enjoy the holidays.   The kids were good and so much fun and had lots and lots of questions.   The two younger kids gave Sabrina and Smoky their night time treat and hear them make their little slurping sounds as they eat the food. They really laughed over there sounds.   Sara is a great mother.   Husband and dad will meet them a few places along the way.   Their trip ends next June when they do Alaska and Hawaii.  So far they have been gone two months, traveled 10,000 miles and of all the families they have stayed with they knew only 7.  All the others were friends of friends or family.   Isn’t it great so many families are willing to welcome them into their home?  I also thought it was interesting that every family has had pets.

Bob and I had been a little hesitant when we first agreed but are so glad we followed our heart and welcomed them into our home.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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