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Girlfriends Spa Weekend

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About 30 years ago I met Leslie and about 20 years ago I met Claudia.   We all worked together at the University of Minnesota for many years.   Quite some time ago Claudia went on to other jobs but we still kept in contact on a regular basis.   At some point we decided to make a special effort to get together for lunch on each of our birthdays.   With all three of us working sometimes we celebrated a few months late but we still had a couple hours together but never enough time to really get caught up.


For about 5 years I hosted a “spa day” for half a dozen of my best girlfriends.   We ate, drank wine, sat in the hot tub, got massages and facials, did our nails and most of all talked so that’s how spa day came to be.

After I retired we did our monthly birthdays for a couple years and then I said “Instead of going out to lunch why don’t you come over for a spa afternoon.  We will have more time to relax and talk.”   Neither of them argued and so birthday spa afternoon started.

I’ve seen Leslie and Claudia a couple times since we moved when we returned to MN.   In October they went out for Leslie’s birthday and were remembering our good times.   That resulted in Fay getting a call from Claudia in October that said “We decided we are coming out for spa day.   When can we come?”   I was so excited and I think they were too.


They arrived about 8:30 Thursday night and the laughter and conversation began.   Bob had been designated as our butler and he didn’t let us down.   He cleaned up dishes and the kitchen, set up the spa and waited on us, as well as joined in the conversation because he has known them for decades also.   Friday Leslie didn’t get dressed until 11.  After seafood and sausage gumbo and corn muffins  lunch at my house I took them to see Furman University, downtown Greenville and Travelers Rest to do sight seeing and shopping.   I teased them that with all the stuff they bought they supported our economy very well. The weather was 68 and sunny and absolutely beautiful.  After a nice dinner at home we sat outside in the hot tub under a big full moon.  I try to feature Southern ingredients when we have visitors.  We had apple and lettuce Waldorf Salad, sweet potatoes, chicken breaded with pecans and served with bourbon sauce and tipsy pecan clusters (pecans covered with bourbon carmel and chocolate with salt sprinkles).  We had clean plates.

Saturday we went for a walk,  lounged around the house and sat in the hot tub  until 2:30 when my massage therapist Lisa came to give Leslie, Claudia and Bob hour long massages.   Weather again was beautiful.  That night we went to Williams Hardware Cafe for a nice dinner and live entertainment.  Claudia had shrimp and grits!

Smoky managed to sneak into his rocker during massage time so he relaxed too and Sabrina got herself locked in Leslie’s room so Leslie had a kitty sleep with her.  I think both cats walked on Claudia downstairs on the blow up bed   They both have two dogs and have had cats also so they like animals.  As far as my cats were concerned there were two more people to let them in and out and two more laps to sit on.

They left for the airport at 1:30 on a rainy Sunday.  You wouldn’t believe how much we laughed and remembered our past and talked about our future.  The only bump in their travels is their flight leaving Greenville was two hours late which meant they missed their Atlanta connecting flight.  All turned out ok and they got another flight 2 hours later so they were home in MN by 8:30.  We had a great time.  I hope they come again soon.

Claudia, Fay, Leslie


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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