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First week of classes done

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This was the first week of OLLI classes.   On Monday Bob and I went to our first “Religion and Politics” class.  Seems like we will be having some lively discussions and our instructor has already warned us to be nice.  He is a retired minister and a democrat so it should be interesting.  There are about 50 of us in the class. Our first class covered some of the history of religion in the US.

This chart is from 2004

Thursdays class for Fay is “The South: Slavery, Culture, War and Reconstruction” taught by an OLLI favorite instructor.   I would say there are 300-400 people in the class.  He is so good.  A. V. Huff is a native of this area and is a retired Furman professor, author and a very entertaining speaker.  This first class talked about slavery-what caused it to grow (the cotten gin) and what the life of the plantation owners and the slaves was like and the importance of religion to the slaves.

Today we took our first field trip to Sealed Air and Cryovac, a very large plastic bag manufacturer in Simpsonville.   Sealed Air originally started with bubble wrap and has expanded to many other packaging items for food and nonfood products.  I did research work with Cryovac back in the mid 1970’s so it was really fun to visit this plant.

Last night we had dinner with one of our neighbors at their house.  A nice long visit with them and their fine college age kids.  One of their daughters does pottery and has a wheel and kiln.   We hope to go over tomorrow and watch her make something.   Last night we discussed ways to combine her pottery work with our woodwork.  Could be interesting.

Bob installed Windows 7 on our Vista OS laptop and is tearing his hair out because he can’t get the Home Groups to work to look at our other computers and can’t get the remote printing to work. 

This is a quiet weekend.   I think we will work on more bandsaw boxes and I will make some glycerine soap and Sunday afternoon we are going to an original play here in Greenville.

Wishing a fun weekend to all of you.

P.S.  Sabrina says “It is cold outside and I won’t stay out very long and so then I have nothing to do in the house and get very bored and then I get kind of naughty.”

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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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