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Going to the ballet

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We are using two of our $5 tickets on Sat.  to go to the Peace Center for a ballet.   I ordered many tickets quickly when they came on sale months ago and just skimmed the short descriptions of each performance.    Now I go back and read it again ” Ballet’s brawniest and bawdiest superstars return for another athletic and uproarious spectacle. “Part goofy, part glorious, all man,”    as in an all man drag ballet.  Should be a one a kind performance.   My only experience with a drag performance was many years ago in New Orleans and I expect this will be quite different.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

The ballet is Les Ballets Trockadero.   This is from wikipedia:

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is an American all-male drag ballet corps which parodies the conventions and clichés of romantic and classical ballet. The company was co-founded by Peter Anastos, Natch Taylor and Antony Bassae in New York City in 1974, producing small, late-night shows, in off-off Broadway lofts. Their first show as on September 9, 1974, at a second story loft on 14th street, in the heart of the meat-packing district.[1] The current artistic director is Tory Dobrin[2].

After receiving a favorable critical review in The New Yorker by Arlene Croce, it was discovered by a wider audience. The “Trocks” toured the world, with prolonged engagements in many major cities. In 2008 they performed at the Royal Variety Performance, in front of Prince Charles.[3]

The dancers portray both male and female roles in a humorous style that combines parodies of ballet, posing and physical comedy with “straighter” pieces intended to show off the performers’ technical skills. Much of the humor is in seeing male dancers en travesti; performing roles usually reserved to females, wearing tutus and dancing en pointe.


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