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Where did April go?

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I can’t believe it is May already and that my last post was about a month ago.   It seems like it has been very busy for Bob and I.  I will divide all our activities into a couple posts.

Bob is working with the Woodworkers Guild about a day a week and they have made 3 oak tables and 8 craft tables for the new OLLI building.   There biggest challenge is yet to come-12 wood chairs.   He is pretty excited about what they have done.   I saw the oak tables and they are beautiful. He also continues to update his woodworking skills with various one night classes at the Guild.   For example he took a hand tool class, got trained on a new saw system and took a tool sharpening class.  We have one new woodworking project that I need to photograph to show you.   It’s hard to explain.

The lawn is growing like crazy and we put down a little more grass seed and Bob had the sprinkler system extend a little to make sure everything gets watered.

Once a month he goes out to lunch with the ROMEO group – retired old men eating out.   He has gotten to know several people.  It’s totally a social event.

He is enjoying his elder law class and is learning about wills, trusts, probate, various powers of attorney, living will and more.   I’m sure we will use this attorney to update our documents.

We try to go to the pool three days a week and that is going pretty well.

My two OLLI classes end next week.   The origami has been fun as we make furniture for a little house, ducks, bunnies, cranes, learn how to fold dollar bills into fish and butterflies, made action figures like a bird that flaps its wings, a puffy ball, airplane and boat.  My massage therapist has a 3 year old grand daughter so I gave her some of the items I made.   They were pretty excited.

My Greenville Forward 2025 class is great.  I am learning so much about the history of Greenville and as you might expect not all of it is pretty.  What is exciting is how focused the city is to keep improving.   It has come a long way even in a decade.    In just the last couple weeks I think we have gotten 3-4 more awards as the “best city for…….”  Here is what we have been covering:

Week 1: Learning from Our Past/Looking to the Future – An Overview of Vision 2025
Week 2: Reflecting on our Past: A Field Trip Tour of Springwood Cemetery
Week 3: Learning Community – Education and the Arts
Week 4: Living in Our World – Environment, Parks and Green Spaces, and Sense of Place
Week 5: Creating a Healthy Community – Health and Wellness, Families, and Social Services
Week 6: Building Inclusion – Diversity and Internationalism
Week 7:Preparing for Growth – Planning, Infrastructure, Innovative Government, and Transportation
Week 8: What’s Next for You and for Greenville? – Your Role in Greenville’s Future

I volunteer to help with OLLI Friday bonus trips.  I facilitated a tour of Springwood Cemetery where we learned the history of Furman through the plot that is just for Furman presidents and staff and a lunch afterward.  My group was so appreciative that they bought me lunch.   I was really surprised.  I will bring the county coroner in to talk (that is tomorrow) and next Friday have a probate judge coming to talk to us.   The last couple programs have over 50 people signed up for each lecture.  I also went to a tour of Star Electric which builds electric vehicles (think golf cart) and that was fascinating.   They focus on custom made vehicles that don’t go more than 25 miles an hour.  All right here in Greenville!

That’s kind of the “serious side” of what we have been doing.   The “really fun stuff” will be in the next post.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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