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Cultural and social activities in April


Before I start April let me tell you how we ended March.  I took a chance and got tickets, not the $5 ones, for a group I had never heard of called Pink Martini.  They are a latin jazz group and they were fantastic.  We loved the style of music and the way all the performers worked together.  One song was sung in two different languages and even though we couldn’t understand a word it was beautiful.  They were a 10 piece group including a male and female vocalist.  They are on my Pandora listening list now.  All the talent shows on TV focus on finding the “one” talent.   When you watch a group like this who has played together for decades you immediately hear how each musician is in harmony with all the others and you have a performance that is bigger than any one performer.  I’m so glad I took the risk to try something new.

May started out with the Bob Jones University Living Gallery production.   This is the third year we have gone.  They have a heartwarming religious inspiration story weaved in with about a dozen life size works of art.   Imagine the lords supper with real people in it.   They are really spectacular.   It’s hard to explain.   This years story took place in a coffee shop and a young man who worked there was struggling to deal with the fact that his young wife was dying.   Add in a couple other young people with interesting backgrounds and it made a great story.

Easter weekend we went to Pendelton, a little town about 45 minutes away, for their annual art fair.   It was a gorgeous day.  We also went to see Hunger Games.   We both have real mixed feeling about it.   I probably would not have gone but I learned that all of it was filmed in NC, near where we live, and sure enough, I recognized several shots of the scenery and waterfalls.

One of the Vo Tech schools has a culinary program and we finally got on the list for an invitation to attend and made it to two lunches.   Such fun and good food.   This summer they have fancy high end buffets so I can’t wait for those.  Meals are $8 and one, which was the finals for the students, was free.

A very special event at Furman was the opportunity to listen to the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox speak about Mexico and US relations.  He spoke about NAFTA and  the drug cartels.

Another concert at the Peace Center, for $5, was the award winning  Dailey and Vincent, a well known blue grass group.   Unfortunately we just couldn’t get into their music.   It wasn’t their fault, we just didn’t like this style of blue grass and we even left before intermission.

Furman students had a play called “Beyond Therapy” which was a cross between a comedy and a drama.   Very good acting and interesting story line.

We drove up to the Biltmore one day to see the gardens.  I wanted to see the azaleas bloom because we have caught just the tail end of seeing them the last couple years.   Unfortunately it got hot so early this spring that they were done again when we came and they were just planting the summer flowers so it wasn’t as pretty as it is sometimes.   Still a delightful way to spend a day.   We did have a lovely lunch outside and enjoyed the petting zoo which had baby goats and bunnies.   So cute. 

These sheep and lambs were on a hill side at Biltmore.   It looked like something out of a story book.

This little fellow looks very comfortable.

And my favorite:

There were a few more activities with Newcomers and Olli but you are probably tired of reading.  Yes, I know it is almost June and now I have to do the May update.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

2 thoughts on “Cultural and social activities in April

  1. Faye, I just love your updates. You guys do the greatest things. My friend, Maggie from Iowa City and I toured the Biltmore–but it was really too early in the season and so I would love to go there in May. Once Laurie retires, I am sure we will drive to Pawleys and so we can see the Biltmore in all its’ glory.

  2. I took some friends who came to visit us from Louisville up to Biltmore in early May, and it was gorgeous. The rose garden was in full bloom! We didn’t have enough time to wander the petting zoo, but we made time to tour the winery and taste just about everything they had to offer. Dinner was yummy, too. : )

    Looking forward to your May post… I don’t suppose you went to Gallabrae? I was there with my wife and daughter.

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