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Friends and Fun things in May

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OLLI and the Guild weren’t the only things we did in May.  I did some really special things with friends.   I took my friend Kathy, the first neighbor I met, out to lunch for her birthday.  I’m lucky to have her nearby.  Here kids (in their 20’s)  are the ones that kitty sit for us.

My friend from MN Claudia and her friends visited Asheville, NC , one hour away, for a week and so I drove up to their beautiful huge cabin they were renting in the mountains  and spent the day with them.   We visited and talked and talked and took a trolly ride of Asheville.  A good time was had by all.  Claudia came to visit me in January.   We get caught up on things  quickly just like we see each other every day.

In late May my Newcomer friend G. Ann and I drove to Atlanta, 3 hours, to visit Chaundra.  Chaundra was in Newcomers and on our board and moved to Atlanta about 8 months ago.  I drove because my car gets such good gas mileage but it did make me nervous to drive in Atlanta traffic.   Fortunately she lives on the near side of Atlanta so I didn’t have to drive in the downtown traffic.  Can you believe I drove down there and back on one 12 gallon tank of gas?  It went pretty well.  Coming home there was an accident that stopped traffic for about 20 minutes and the last 20 miles it was pouring rain.   I just went slow.

Chaundra was the “baby” in Newcomers board,  only 27.  She is a producer for the evening news in Atlanta.   We are pretty proud of her.  Atlanta is the number 8 news market so it is a big job.  She produced the newscast that broke the Herman Cain story a few months ago.   Can you believe that?  They are up for a big award for that piece of news.   I sure hope they win.    Atlanta is not as friendly as Greenville and it is much slower for her to make friends so I know it really made her happy we came.   It doesn’t help  her social life that she works nights and weekends. We went to the Atlanta History Museum for a history of the area and also an extensive exhibit on the 1996 Olympics.   That was really, really interesting.  Visited a historic house for the Women’s Club and of course the Martin Luther King Center.  The tour of his childhood home and learning the early influences on him was fascinating.  The time flew by.  Here is a picture of his grave site.  Living in the north when all this was going on was very different than living in the south.  I am getting quite and education, which I like very much.

Bob and I attended Newcomers Cocktails R Us and Saturday Dining Out.  These are events that the guys go to also and lots of fun.  There are 30-60 people at these events.  Newcomers gardening group had a program on attracting birds.  I learned several new pieces of info on attracting birds.   USE FRESH BIRDSEED!   We have met three couples who live near by and went to an outdoor Furman By the Lake concert of Andrew Lloyd Weber music with them.  You bring your lawn chair and dinner and sit and relax and people watch.  For Memorial Day we went to a grilled turkey dinner G. Ann’s  home. It’s so nice to have friends!

I am on the Newcomer committee to help pick our charity for next year. That was another interesting meeting.  Lots of things to consider when picking a group or groups.  I will let you know more when it is finalized.

I had various coupons and Groupon/Living Social that we used for some activities.  Nothing like 50% off!  We went to a wine tasting at a local wine store.  Nice setting, knowledgeable presenter but even at half price I thought it was really overpriced for what you got to taste.   I would never spend $60 full price for us to go again.  It was fun once.

Cafe and then Some is a comedy theater/dinner club  that has plays of local interest.  This one was politics.   Very funny musical comedy.We all know there is plenty to poke fun at this election year.    What we didn’t realize was that it is a very new production and they were still reading from a script.  Even so, they did a great job.   Their flubs were part of what make it extra funny.   They gave us free tickets for another performance which I then shared with some friends of ours.  A win win for all of us.  We went to the Center Stage play “Whose wife is it anyway?”  which was a very funny comedy farce.

The annual Artisphere exhibit was a little damp but fun.  This is a nationally recognized high quality art show.  Established in 2005, Artisphere has quickly grown into a signature event that draws both locals and tourists to Greenville, South Carolina’s dynamic downtown. Despite its short history, Artisphere has distinguished itself as both a national and regional highlight. The top ranking Artisphere festival is an annual three-day event that gives arts patrons the rare opportunity to meet exhibiting artists while purchasing original works of art.   I am always amazed at all the things people create.   I bought as pair of wood earrings from a woodworker.  Of course those wood exhibits are our favorite.

The Strawberry Festival in a little tiny town near here brought us some delicious strawberries and an opportunity to stroll around the town. I was going to make freezer jam but they were so good we ate them all.

I also had my Wine and Art painting class which I already told you about.  I did this in two hours.

We ended the month on May 31 leaving for a weeks vacation in western Virginia.   I will tell you all about that next time.  Hello Natural Bridge, caverns, Monticello, wineries, lavender farm.


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