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I’m Back!

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It’s been quite a while since my last post.   I haven’t been sick or anything, just busy.  Bob and I spent almost two weeks in MN in early August.   Bob’s great nephew Ryan got married in a gorgeous outdoor wedding and Bob’s mom had an early celebration of her 90th birthday so lots of opportunity to see family.   For Helen’s birthday gift I made her a 40 page, 250 photograph album of her life.   It was a big hit and I think she will really enjoy it.    I didn’t get the idea until quite late so was worried about getting it done but I had no problem.   A big thank you to my scrape book expert friend G. Ann who lent me books and her albums for inspiration.  Bob got to spend lots of time with his mom and his sisters and really enjoyed himself joking and telling stories with them.

During our visit we got to see 58 different family and friends.   There were a few large groups like a UMN Food Service Manager get together but most of the visits were with 2-4 people so we were busy.   Our good friends the Bowman’s let us stay at their house for a week, even though they were gone to their cabin part of the time.  That made things so much easier.

We missed Smoky and Sabrina but got our “furry animal” fix from our god daughter Amanda’s roommates chinchilla Georgie.   He was so funny, especially when he twirled around in his dust bin to clean his fur.  Amanda made delicious creme brulee for us.

The Bowman’s two little dachshunds were so affectionate and would burrow under the bed sheets and sleep down by our feet.  Ruby and Stella won our hearts, again.

We spent extra time with my college roommate Chris.   We go back a long time and still have so much in common.  Seeing Eric, my friend Roberta’s 34 year old son, was special.  I’ve know him since he was born and it is nice to see what a fine young man he is.  I managed to fit in two massages with my favorite massage therapist Amy and lunch with my Randen family cousins is always a treat.  We got together with our great financial planner Carolyn who reassured us we have enough money to last till 90.  Always good to know!   Brenda, Janet, Kris and Don, Lee and Anita, Susan and Bob and I’m sure a few others I forgot also opened their homes and hearts to us and made us feel so welcome and special.  What is extra nice is that most of those we visited have been to our house in SC so they know about where we live.    Many got gifts of pens, wood craft items and home made lavender soap so they can remember us.

We had no problems in transportation and everything went very smooth.   Weather was great, a nice break from our SC heat.   Thanks everyone for making time to see us!


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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  1. It sounds as though your MN was made to order. I was so glad to see you both.

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