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I haven’t mentioned OLLI activities lately.   Bob and I are in the “In Conversation” class where someone really interesting is interviewed each week.
Here is the line up for the last few weeks.

Sept. 20 Erika Powell, Miss USA, South Carolina, 2011–12 -a lovely, articulate young musician who should go far.  She is in California now working on lots of options.  Her parents should be very proud.  They were in the audience.

Sept. 27 Lucy Morgan, Pulitzer Prize – winning journalist
Her work in a corrupt sheriff’s office and drug dealers in Florida won her the prize.  She looks like someone’s gentle grandmother but I don’t think I would like to mess with her.

Oct. 4 Xing Wei and Yuqi Wei, Furman students from China.   Very well spoken, polite and interesting young people who told us about their country.

Oct. 11 Rod Smolla, Furman president – Missed this one but have to get details from some friends in the class.

Oct. 18 Thalassa Ali, author and Sufi mystic – She and a Clemson professor helped us learn about Muslims, Islam and what a Sufi mystic is.   It is a complicated story and one I should better understand.

OLLI had the grand opening of their new wonderful building on Thursday. Friday I was the host for the speaker on Collecting and Enjoying Automobiles.   A very passionate man talking about why to collect, how to choose cars, mechanics, etc.   I never knew there was so much to know.   Also on Friday at OLLI we heard from a Greenville Master Deputy Sheriff who talked about important things we need to know to keep our homes, our selves and our finances secure.  She was a fantastic speaker.   Professional, knew her stuff and a great sense of humor.

Yesterday Bob went with a friend to the  Euro  Car Show. This is one of the biggest shows in the south east.    It was a lovely day and he and Al had a good time.

The monthly coffee for Newcomers was Tuesday and my co chair and I brought in speakers from the Humane Society and Frazee Dream Center to talk about their charities.   Once again these generous women filled my car and trunk with items for the Humane Society.   I really felt good about what we could give them.

Thursday night one of my Newcomer friends had her 50th birthday party at the Commerce Club, a private club in downtown Greenville.   Lots of people that we knew and a very fun evening.   Happy Birthday Cindy!

I will be helping Bob cut out chair pieces today and maybe get to some other fun projects.  It is absolutely beautiful weather here.  Enjoy your day.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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