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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Inspiration House, Hilton Head, Daufuskie Island, Gullah people, Parties

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Inspiration House is an 11,000 sq ft. new home (8000 sq. ft. living space plus basketball court) being built for a young family.   The family in cooperation with the builder and many contractors opened up the house to the public for 8 days.  The proceeds of all the tickets ($10 each) go to either the Humane Society (a charity Newcomers is supporting) or Susan B. Kormen Cancer fund.  Newcomers volunteered to be docents one evening of the tour.

Take your own guided tour through the house.   It’s really something, especially the 3000 sq. ft. basketball court with sky box. They would not tell us the price except to say “north of $2 million.  The home has 3 laundry rooms, a locker room to go with the basketball court , home theater, huge family/bar room and of course a swimming pool.   Enjoy the tour.

Before you can start the tour in the three boxes put in you name, email and  zipcode.   I’ve registered several times and so far haven’t gotten any emails from them.

So of course you want to know my favorite thing.   Because they donated money to the Humane Society I guessed they had animals.   They have at least one cat and dog.   This is why I know that.   They have a cat room. They have a room the size of a regular coat closet that has an opening for the cat so the cat can get away from the dog (who is too big to go through the hole) and this cat closet has a bunch of perches where kitty can feel safe.   I’m guessing that’s also where the litter box is.  Only problem I see is it’s dark and away from the family.   Don’t think my two fur children would hang out there but I don’t know their cat.   Anyway, an unusual space in this big house.

Last Tues., Wed., Thursday we met our friends Lynn and Bob in Hilton Head where they were using a week of time share at a Marriott property.  Lovely resort.   We had drinks at a waterfront bar and watched a beautiful sunset.   After a delicious Italian dinner cooked by Lynn and Bob we walked down to sit by the outdoor fire.   It was dark, the ground was uneven and I took a nasty fall.   We were all pretty worried about the bruise on my knee and the sore shoulder I had but after a couple days I improved dramatically.  Only a little sore now.

On Wed. we took a boat trip over to Daufuskie Island, home of a small community of Gullah people (only 17 left on the island) and private resorts and golf courses.  There is no bridge to the island so people come by boat from Hilton Head and Savannah.   The Gullah people are descendents of slaves who came from Africa and kind of got “forgotten” after the Civil War.   They have developed their own very distinctive language and culture and are on several of the barrier islands along NC, SC and Georgia. It is a real struggle for the people to preserve their culture.    We took a bus tour of the island so learned lots of history going back to early Indians at least 5000 years ago.  Before we left we had some famous Daufuskie steamed crab cake.  Lots of crab and not fishy.   We all said yummy. All very interesting.   I hope their museums and people can preserve this culture.

It was a beautiful day.   Both at the dock and on the boat trip we saw lots of dolphins and that is always a treat.   We sat outside at the dock and had some drinks and lunch and then being exhausted from such a day of fun most of us caught a nap.   We ended the evening with a nice dinner.   All in all a very pleasant way to spend a few days.   We know Lynn and Bob very well so there is no shortage of conversation.

Hilton Head is about 4 1/2 hours from our house and we had a fun book on CD that kept us entertained in the car and made the time fly by. The book we are listening to is  The Cat Who Lived High, the 11th novel in the Cat Who series of murder mystery novels by Lilian Jackson Braun We have read several in the series.   It features a millionaire bachelor and his two Siamese cats Cocoa and Yum Yum.   They all manage to get into some kind of murder mystery trouble.  Cocoa is also quite a little sleuth.  Since we are cat lovers we thoroughly enjoy the antics of the two cats.   Good character development and the plot isn’t too complicated to listen to in the car.   If you have ever read any of the “Midford” books by Jan Karon, these have a similar style.

Last night we went to a dinner party at the home of one of our Newcomer friends and the six of us had a great dinner and exchanged a few Christmas gifts.  Of special interest were a beautiful paduka tree ornament made by our host, a black bottle of wine in the shape of a cat and a great wine book.  Pictures to come later.   We need another memory card for our new camera so we can take more than 10 photos before unloading them.   Tonight is Cocktails R Us with probably 50 Newcomers at the home of a member in a very nice subdivision here in Greenville.

Sunday we will go swimming and then to “Miracle on 34th Street” at Centre Stage which is being done as a radio show.   Should be interesting.

Other than that we have been busy making Christmas gifts.   Pictures to follow.   There are a couple new things this year that I think you will enjoy seeing.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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