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My birth day

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Sixty two years ago I was born in the middle of a terrible snow storm.  I am so lucky my dad loved camera’s and movies so I have movies of me and mom and dad coming home from the hospital and my first Christmas with them.   How special is that?  I remember my dad was always Santa Clause in the annual parade.  I have cute movies of that also.

I had great parents.   What else can I say.   I think they raised me pretty well in the small little town of Nicollet, population of 300 when I lived there.  I was surrounded by my extended family.  They taught me good values and to save for things I want and not go into debt.  I hope they would be proud of how I turned out.  I wish I had told them more how much I loved them but my dad died before I was 25 and my mom shortly after I turned 40 so my years with them as a wiser more caring adult were short.

I never had a baby sitter other than my Grandma Randen.  What fond memories I have of her too.  Shelling peas from her garden, her delicious coffee cake and bread that were baked in her wood burning stove.  She had an electric stove but she didn’t like to use it.  The smell of peonies and lilacs and iris always remind me of her.  She didn’t have much but I never felt that she was poor.

I probably also owe much to my upbringing in little Nicollet, MN.  Decades later I wanted to leave the big city and move to some place smaller.   Travelers Rest was that little town of less than 5000 people close to Greenville.

It has been a busy social December so even though Bob and I had planned to do a little something this afternoon and tonight I told him I would prefer to just relax at home.   I must also admit that I have a very heavy heart as I keep thinking about the terrible shooting at the Connecticut school.   Celebrating anything right now just does not seem right when so many are suffering from what must be unbearable sorrow.

Tomorrow we have two events so staying home all day today is a treat.   He always wants to make sure I get what I want.   I don’t think he was disappointed to stay home.   The tail pipe fell off his car a few hours ago so he is out figuring out if he can fix it or if it goes into the garage.  Not how he expected to spend his day.

I have been doing some work at my desk, have a couple Christmas gifts to finish and wrap and also want to take some photos of our projects with our new little Nikon camera.  I don’t know if I mentioned that our Cannon camera just decided that it would take only movies, no snapshots.   Guess that is a very common problem with these little cameras.   After several failures with two Cannon cameras we decided on a new brand.

Sabrina the cat has me under close supervision so I am never alone.  Smoky is off sleeping somewhere.

Thanks to so many of you for your birthday cards, electronic cards, calls and facebook good wishes.   They really mean a lot to me.  I feel pretty special.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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  1. Happy Birthday Fay! Great post!

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