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Some Holiday Cheer and Projects

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Sunday afternoon we went to the Greenville Little Theater to see their performance of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  The show had a big cast and about 8 children.   The youngest was a little girl in first grade and she was so sweet.

It has been so long since I saw the movie that I didn’t remember very much.  It is a timeless story and of course I cried at the end.   The theater was almost sold out and there were many children in the audience.   Some of the little girls were too cute for words in their little holiday dresses.  There was one African American little girl, maybe 5 who had her hair in braids and the cutest soft pink velour with white fur like trim on the top and pants.   I had to tell her how beautiful she was and mom just beamed at the compliment.

Sunday night we were invited to dinner at one of our Newcomer friends, Sue and Larry.   There were 10 of us who enjoyed a delicious ham dinner.   Their cat Shamus is such a character.   He is a big long haired tuxedo cat and was definitely the center of attention.  He seemed especially interested in the shrimp that was on a plate on the beautifully set table.   Yes, I came out to the dining room and saw Shamus carefully walking between all the plates on the table.  I don’t think he sampled anything but he sure was thinking about it.   Amazing he didn’t knock anything over.

I said I would take pictures of our newest  projects so here they are.  The first four are items Bob made at his weekend wood turning class at John C. Campbell.

Natural edge cherry bowl about 6 inches across.  These are even more difficult to make than a regular bowl.   Keeping the bark on the edge requires much luck.   Bob and I will be getting more training on these.   We don’t especially like doing regular bowls but love these.


Votive candle about 8 inches across .   Around the candle at at the edge there is a special tool that is used to create texture.  We don’t know what kind of wood this is. candle_3

Tree ornament about 5 inches high.   This is my favorite.  Will definitely be making more of these.  I had a heck of a time finding the tiny little birds, about 3/4 inch.   I finally found them on line at a company that carries things for doll houses.


Snowman ornament about 8 inches high.   He is a cute little fellow too.  You can’t see it on this picture but his top hat is textured with a special tool like on the candle above.

We call these our baby boxes because there only about 3″  by 4″.  Spalted maple.


One of my newest ideas was to make little cheese board cutting boards from some lovely maple that we have and design them especially for the interests of those I was giving the gift too.  They are about 10 inches at the widest point.   The finish is 4 coats of food safe tung oil.

This was a RV for a couple who use there recreational vehicle all the time.   I think it will be quite a conversation piece in their vehicle and it’s small so won’t take up much room.009

We have several friends who have cats so made quite a few of these.


This is a flower and I used our woodburner tool to burn in the center petal outline.


These are pens all made from exotic wood like  rosewood, marble wood, bocote, paduka, purple heart, yellow heart.   The one on the far right is ebony.  The picture doesn’t do them justice.   My favorite part of making them is when I put on the finish and the texture and color of the wood just “pops”.


This is our new pride and joy.   It is a unique pen called the bolt action.   The bolt moves just like the one on a rifle and the writing end is like a bullet.  Perfect for our friends that are interested in guns.   The downside is the kit is quite expensive.DSCN0037
These didn’t photograph too well. I etched birds on a branch on a set of wine glasses and a flower on a candy dish.  Glass etching at least at this level is very easy and inexpensive to do.



We also made several more sets of our twisted candle sticks.maple_candlesticks

We made some bandsaw boxes for Bob’s sister and she really likes them.   This is about 4 x 6 inches and is mahogany and maple.
014Hope you enjoyed my little photo tour.


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  1. Loved the photo tour! Very impressive work by both of you.

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