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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Bob’s not a happy camper

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Spent 1 1/2 hours at the physical therapists this morning while they made Bob splints for his two hands.   We thought he was only going to have to wear them a night but turns out he needs them on almost all the time.   On for two hours, off for awhile while he stretches his fingers.   Pretty much means he can’t do anything except watch TV and movies.   It’s not really painful, just restrictive.   Have to do it for at least a couple weeks.  He gets the stitches out in a week and then they readjust the splints.   Hope in the long run it means more finger motion for him.  It was pretty interesting to see how they custom made the splints for him.   At least he can put them on by himself.

hands2 hands


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

One thought on “Bob’s not a happy camper

  1. We feel for Bob….can we send some good wine to help

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