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Sending Easter and Passover wishes

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Sending all my friends and family Easter and Passover wishes.   This is a very special time of year of many of you.   We are going to the Bob Jones University annual Living Gallery production, this is the fourth time for me and the third for Bob.   It sounds like a little different production this year with a new director.   It’s hard to explain this incredible presentation.   Any one part of it would be very good but when you combine the story, the life size art and the music it is really something to see.   It is always a sold out show.

The last two years it has been a modern day play but this year it is called “The Shadow of the Cross” and is about the three very dark days from when Christ died to when he was resurrected.  Sounds like an interesting story.

Here is the description from Bob Jones University.

Have you ever seen a work of art that looked so real that the characters almost seem to breathe? In Living Gallery this is no longer just your imagination—the people in the larger-than-life paintings, sculptures and stained glass are real.

The unique Living Gallery program combines original drama, special choral and orchestral arrangements, and breathtaking live portrayals of classic works of art to celebrate the story of Christ’s Resurrection.

We are invited out on Easter for dinner so looking forward to that also. Enjoy the season.

Pretty Place, yes that is what it is called.   Well named don’t you think?  This is about 45 minutes from our house.   The photo doesn’t do it justice.   It is really a very spiritual place.

Second photo is the view from Pretty Place

Third photo is spring in the mountains

Fourth photo is Falls Park in downtown Greenville SC




spring flowers


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  1. Love your site!

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