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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Davey Crocket, Herman Melville, party time and school

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Our local  Chautauqua events are in full swing this week.   Went to see Davey Crocket on Wednesday.   We were there with many 8 year olds so he told more about his life as a child and young man.   What great stories.   We even heard about how he killed a bear when he was only three!   Remember that song?   Of course he wore his coonskin hat and he told us the story of how that came to be too.  After the kids left he stayed and talked a little more about the Indian Wars and the Alamo.

Thursday night we went to a special OLLI performance by Herman Melville.   Another great story teller.   Hearing about his life with the cannibals in the South Seas was very entertaining.   He talked a little about Moby Dick but not as much as you would have thought.   Afterward we enjoyed the ice cream social at the OLLI building.   It was a gorgeous evening so we ate our dessert outside.  Went to both these events with our friends from Newcomers.  Of course out to lunch after the Crocket performance.

On Thursday we had another opportunity to return to Greenville Tech Culinary School for an Asian brunch buffet.    Not sure how we got two invites so close together but glad we did.   We took our friends G. Ann and Al and they were very impressed.   Unfortunately my bitter, metalic taste buds were over reacting again so everything tasted a little “off” but not as bad as it was last week.

Friday Bob and I headed out to Greenville Tech campus.   Bob heard last week that if you are over 60 you can take classes for free, if the class isn’t filled up.   That was quite an experience.   We had to “enroll” in school and meet with an advisor.   We can audit classes.   There are still a few fees but the tuition is waved.  They want me to bring in my college transcript!  Like what good is that after 40 years!   I wanted to take a painting class but it has a prerequisite of a design class so I have to think about wether I really want to do that.   I’m also a little intimidated to be with all the 18 year olds.  My last design class was in college and it was a disaster so I definitely have some baggage around this issue.   Bob is checking out taking the CISCO certification classes again.   There is a career center affiliated with the school and that might be a better option for him so still some research to do.  The career center has some very interesting classes, including several with food and wine but we don’t know if we can do those for free.  I would imagine they fill up pretty fast.

The mornings and evenings have been gorgeous.   The last couple years by mid May we were pretty much inside all the time because it was over 90 but it is so much nicer this year.   Last night it was even cool enough to sit in the hot tub and watch the big full moon and all the fireflies.    They were all over.   It was so much fun.


My new bird feeder and mess free bird food is a huge success.   It is right on the deck and I can watch the birds there all day.   Unfortunately so can Sabrina.   Little stinker has caught two birds already.   She is so fast.   One we saw her catch right away and she let it go and it flew away.   The other bird wasn’t so lucky.

Tonight we are going to a Summer Solstice Picnic.   It has a partial Norwegian theme.   They are Norwegian and last year were in Norway for the solstice and they went to a big celebration.   I am making Norwegian cucumbers in sour cream.

Both of us are busy with woodworking.   Bob finished his first two marquetry pieces and is feeling much more confident about doing this.  We are trying to get some private classes scheduled on wood turning and marquetry with instructors up in Asheville.

I have a new path I am looking at for doing websites so looking forward to teaching myself some new things in that area.

The Artists Alliance meets every week and we are busy with planning our big fund raiser on July 20.   I am really looking forward to that and I so enjoy the group I am working with.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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