Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Poor little Sabrina

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It took Sabrina a while to get up this morning and usually when she is hiding it is not good. We noticed that one eye was closed for awhile and after letting her wake up for awhile we took a closer look and something was definitely wrong with her left eye so off to the vet.

In the 50 years I have had cats I didn’t know this or if I did forgot it. Cat’s have a third eyelid and when you can see it something weird is going on. I guess fortunately the vet could find nothing wrong with her eye, no signs of injury, infection etc. and she is acting normally so he sent us home with eye drops and a medicine that might help her if she has a viral infection. Hopefully nothing worse happens in the next couple days. She was such a very scared but well behaved little girl. She definitely wanted to be as close to me as possible. I always feel so bad for either of the cats when they are sick. They do their best to show you they are sick but can’t talk to us.

She doesn’t seem to be in any pain or acting like it irritates her and she isn’t hiding but she is not herself. Just sitting quietly on her cat perch.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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