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Our woodworking projects

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I finally got the pictures off the camera and resized so I could show you what Bob and I have been working on.

This is a little bird house ornament.   It is about 6 inches tall.   I made it with help from a teacher up in Asheville.  I need to make some more before I forget how to do it.


Here is a closeup of the roof.   I did that with a wood burner.


This is a little off center bowl Bob did with the teacher.   We aren’t sure what you would use it for but it’s really cute.  Maybe put my vitamins in it?  The round thing is just a little cute disc.  The bowl is about 4 inches across.   Not sure what the wood is.


Bob’s latest box is quite large, maybe 8″ by 10 ” by 6″ deep.   It is maple.  I really like the concave shape it has.


Another thing we learned from our teacher was how to make these necklaces.  The swoopes are made with a special attachment for the lathe.   We are going to make more of these and are working on earrings to match.   My friend G. Ann, who makes jewelery is going to help me get started.   You wouldn’t believe how light weight they are.  The larger dark one is about 3″ across.  the one on the left is spalted maple and the one on the right is walnut.


At an auction a few months Bob got a box of wood Christmas ornaments and some other cut out wood shapes.   Here is what I did with a few of them.  This is quite large, maybe 8″.  It has lots of glitter on it.   What a mess I made!   I’m surprised the cats didn’t have sparkles all over themselves.   Really putzy to paint and glitter.


This is about 4″ high.   I also have a bunch of sets of the 12 days of Christmas but I can’t figure out an easy way to finish them.


Here is more of Bob’s latest craft, marquetry.   This is about 10″ by 12″.   He learns something new with every one.  It all veneered wood.   No paint.


These prayer hands were a two for one.   As he cut one out the other one got made.   The dark wood is purple heart which is a deep wine/brown color.   The picture doesn’t do it justice.   These are about 6″ by 8″.  It looks black but it isn’t.


I went to a painting class where you had dinner and painted with a bunch of ladies.   Can’t say I am wild about the mountain painting but apparently Smoky either likes it or is trying to hide it.   I got home about 9:30 and was sitting winding down and I turned around and here is Smoky on the kitchen counter on my picture.   Big stinker but it was really funny.  He is so curious.


Hope you enjoyed seeing our work.   I sure like to share it with you.  Tomorrow I will take some photos of my practice paintings, all flowers I think.  For practice they aren’t too bad.   If I would practice more they would be even better.

Our next new hobby will be pyrography, wood burning.   Bob just got the burner yesterday and will start practicing tomorrow.   There are some pretty interesting things you can do that is more than just burning wood.   Believe it or not you can also do paper.  This is something we will both try out.  What we are learning  is that not very many people do it and finding someone to teach you is almost impossible.  Should be interesting.  We both like it best when we can have a teacher start us out and tell us the tips and tricks they have learned.   I looked in SC, NC, Tennessee and Georgia.  Found one woman maybe an hour away but she hasn’t returned our emails.   The lady he has relied on most for information lives in Australia!

It is a gorgeous day here in SC.   Low 70’s, light breeze, low humidity.   A rare treat of a day for this time of year.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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