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Coolest Small Town and Art, Art, Art and more

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First of all, Travelers Rest made it this year into the finals for the Coolest Small Town in America.   currently of the top 15 we are tied for third place.   The contest runs until until Feb. 25 so please help us win by voting every day at  It would be so great if we won.

Our winter is turning out to be very busy with lots of art and other things.   This is what we have been doing in the last couple weeks.

Open house at a beautiful art gallery called   One of their artists is an 80 year old gentleman who painted the original painting of what it might look like when we landed on the moon and planted the flag.  We will be going back on Valentines day for a  “Just Desserts and Wine and Music” party.

Olli classes have started and we are again loving southern history.   This term we are studying the south from 1918 to present.   I have such cool facts in my head.

Attend a story telling event hosted by the Travelers Rest Historic Society.   We heard the story of the “Shootout at Dickies Church” as well as heard 6 and 11 generations residents talk about life in the mills.

Went to a luncheon program hosted by Greenville Forward.   This was the program “Alphabet Soup. By 2025, we dream of a Greenville that is open and welcoming to ALL, regardless of what you look like, how much you make, where and if you worship, where you come from, or WHOM YOU LOVE. January kicks off Greenville Forward’s 3-month focus on diversity and inclusion in Greenville County and we are getting things started with an unprecedented conversation on LGBT relations. Is Greenville open and welcoming no matter whom you love? What progress has been made regarding LGBT relations? And what still needs to happen to be fully open and welcoming?”   Sold out audience.   Quite informative.   While there certainly has been positive improvements we still have a very long way to go.

I am on a new committee at OLLI.   We are coordinating an exhibit getting about 25 pieces of art of various types scheduled several times a year.   Met some nice new people.

The last couple weeks were “Restaurant Week” where restaurants of all sorts have special price menus.   Managed to go twice, each time for three course meals for $30.   We went to Nose Dive, a gastro pub and the elegant Restaurant 17 at Hotel Domestique.   Both fabulous.   We went with others so had good food and company.

This weekend we went on Saturday to Greenville Little Theater for “24 hour plays”.   Playwrights and actors had 24 hours to write and rehearse 3 one act plays.   Each had to include a mortician, a suitcase of bricks, a 30 second dance and a line from a Beatles song.  It was so much fun.   After that there was an hour of improve comedy and it has been a very long time since we saw live comedy.

Sunday we went to Centre Stage to “Rock and Roll Gold”.   We saw almost 30 high energy song and dance performances with a stunning rock band.   This is the third year we have gone.   Every year is a little different.   This was RR 50’s, 60′, and 70’s.   The rendition of the Rightous Brothers “Unchained Melody” gave me goosebumps.   One singer who hit all the high an low notes.   It is one of our favorite shows of the year.   After that we went out for a Hiabachi Japanese dinner cooked tableside with our groupon coupon.

I still meet often with my Artist Alliance board and we are planning all our events spring, summer and fall.   What a great group they are.

Here is what Bob and I have been working on.   He decided to do a couple pieces that are the same but one pyrography, wood burning, and one marquetry, pictures in wood.   Here they are.DSCN0764





And he is now making yoga benches.

DSCN0757 DSCN0756


February is shaping up to be even more fun.   Stay warm everyone.   It is 64 here today before we get cold and maybe snow on Tuesday.


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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