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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Visitors and Theater

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In early May I got a very surprising phone call.   It was from my previous boss at the U of MN Bill Kowalski.  He left the U probably 5 years before I did so it’s been a decade since I talked to him.   Anyway, he said it was pretty easy to find me on the Internet and he and his wife were going to be visiting his brother and his wife who lives a couple hours from here.   The four of them came for the afternoon and we had the most wonderful conversation.   The two wives are both artists or authors and so interesting and the guys were very interested in Bob’s wood working.   I was sorry when they had to leave and certainly hope they come back to visit again.    I love it when life gives me good surprises like this.

I finished a new website for a woman I met at a couple Travelers Rest art shows.   She does pyrography (wood burning) and her name is Ann Page.   I told her I would barter a website for a painting.  Turns out she didn’t think what I wanted was the right look for our house so she made a watercolor for me.   She and her friend made the 3 hour trip down with 4 paintings for me to choose from.   WOW!    She got exactly what I wanted.   We went to pick out the matting and frame and then took them to the Greenville Woodworkers Guild, her friend is a woodworker too, and they were VERY impressed.   We could hardly get them out of the shop!    The picture is framed now and hung and here it is.   I LOVE IT.   See more of Ann’s work at

Watercolor above Fireplace

These last few months have had us at the theater very often.  It started in mid Feb. with

Furman Play-These Shining Lives, a story about the women who used radium to paint the numbers on Westinghouse clocks.    Based on a true story.  Powerful play.

Next was Our Town – North Greenville University.   I haven’t seen that since I was in high school and it has been described as “the greatest American play” so I was pretty excited to see it.   The students did a great job of performing but the play story itself felt kind of outdated to me.   Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood.

August Osage County at Warehouse Theater was really intense.    Bob thought too intense for him.   I can see why it has gotten all kinds of awards.   What a family they are!

Greenville Little Theater did Agatha Christie’s Spider Web and she always come up with plot twisting stories.

Then a celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary which I will write about later.

Mid April was Imaginary Invalid at Furman a very old farce/comedy by Molier.  I didn’t expect to like it but I did.   So silly!

The Rivals – N Greenville University which was another old fashion farace/comedy written in 1775

Don’t Dress for Dinner – Greenville Little Theater another high energy silly comedy.

And just yesterday Bob Jones University Living Gallery Easter Program.  This is the 6th year I have gone and every year it is a different program.   Sometimes they use some of the same paintings and sculptures  but this year they were all new.   It is one of my favorite events in Greenville.   Just imagine great religious works of art like the Lords Supper in a 20 ft by 40 ft painting with real people in it.

Have you ever seen a work of art that looked so real that the characters almost seem to breathe? In Living Gallery this is no longer just your imagination—the people in the larger-than-life paintings, sculptures and stained glass are real.

The unique Living Gallery program combines original drama, special choral and orchestral arrangements, and breathtaking live portrayals of classic works of art to celebrate the story of Christ’s Resurrection.

Those are the things we went to.   There were two other plays that we passed up.   That’s how much theater we have here in our town of 60,000.

Coming up yet this spring and summer is:

Warehouse Theater
Angels In America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, Part 1: Millennium Approaches

Greenville Little Theater

Center Stage has Love, Loss and What I Wore

And in June Chautaauqua, including one show at the new Travelers Rest Amphitheater.  A chance to meet harry Truman, Robert Smalls, Clara Barton and Patric Henry.

Downtown Travelers Rest will have live music every Saturday night along with food trucks, wine and beer.   Bob and I will be helping sell beverages as a fund raiser for the Artist Alliance.

Furman University has live Music by the Lake on Thursday nights

Downtown Greenville has Shakespeare in the Park and music two nights a week.

As you can see I won’t be bored.





Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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