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Dynamic Aging and more

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OLLI Furman classes are done for the regular school year.

My Dynamic Aging class was pretty interesting.   This is a new concept on aging.  The current ideas most people seem to have on retired people and aging is this is a time to relax, play golf, paint basically have a good time and there is nothing wrong with that.

This theory says there is more to this last third of our life than kicking back.    Science has now shown that we can make new neural/brain pathways and the way we do that is when we continue to learn and challenge our self and be open to change because there is certainly going to be a lot of change in our future.  Also, be open to new ideas, more than at any other time in our life.   We need to “live on the edge” of what makes us comfortable.

We talked about these concepts, what is our meaning and purpose in life and how that is different from happiness, how to learn more about our self and our reaction to things.

He is going to continue the class in much more depth next year.   I have awhile to decide if I want to make the time and emotional commitment.

My Characters in History ended featuring Al Capp, the cartoonist, and part two of General McArthur.  My far McArthur was the biggest character.   My grasp of World War Two is pretty limited so I learned a lot.


I sort of flunked out of my core conditioning class.   It was really hard.   I wasn’t the only one, out of about 25 people in the class only 10 finished it.   Disappointed in myself but I was afraid I was going to hurt myself and certainly didn’t want that.

Three classes was too much to take.   I won’t do that again.

Toured the new Greenville Hospital Medical School.  I was blown away with how they are teaching students now.  Very modern, very high tech.  Using the concept of flip learning where you do your reading or assignments at home and then come to school to discuss them and do your homework.

The last Friday class I went to was a speaker that talked about Social Security.   Sure learned some things there.

I will be taking a four week Chinese cooking class in June and am really looking forward to that.


Author: Fay

Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

One thought on “Dynamic Aging and more

  1. Hi Fay,
    I looked into the dynamic aging site and found it very interesting. Thanks for sharing this.


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