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Southern Weather

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One big reason we left MN was because of the long and very harsh winters.   Toward the end, I couldn’t stand being cooped up from October through April, that’s 6-7 months.   I knew SC would be warmer in the summer and much nicer in the winter.  Pretty much there is no winter here, not by my standards.  Don’t get me wrong, ice storms can really mess things up because we could loose power for a week or so, not that this has happened since we are here and we have a back up generator.  Most of the time I just wait a couple days for the ice to melt.

The last three summers we were in drought, up until this summer and it was a challenge.   I told myself this summer I would not complain because 90 degree days are the trade off for no 0 degree days.   Until the last few weeks I have done pretty well.   I do have to admit that the last three weeks of mid 90 degree humid weather has made me irritable.  I’m usually pretty upbeat but find myself snapping at Bob, can’t concentrate and really want to go be outside for just a few moments in the morning or night.   Finally today the weather broke and it is in the mid 70’s, light breeze, all windows open, air conditioner off.   I am loving it.

I know we still have a few more 90 days but now I can look forward to my favorite very long season FALL!   Have a couple fun adventures planned, including a trip to the Carolina Renaissance Festival  which looks to be the same size as the MN Festival.  Going to make it a couple nights at a bed and breakfast on Lake Norman, take a boat trip on the lake, visit some wineries and of course the Festival.



After several months of 80-95 degree weather and living barefoot or in sandlas, shorts and tank tops, when it is 75 I now have on socks, long pants and a shirt with sleeves. Soon I will need a blanket too!



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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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