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3D Printing hands and used in schools

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I haven’t posted for awhile because much of what we are up too is on facebook but this is too long for face book.

Bob and his friends have been busy working on 3D printed hands and he was on tv again yesterday.   Check out .

They had a couple tough acts to follow.  Ali Henderson from Gaffney , a beautiful young singer who is on American Idol this year and after that they had a two month old German Shephard and collie mix puppie!

Big things are happening after the article in the Travelers Rest online newspaper and the Fox TV story a couple weeks ago.   If you missed that one here is the link .

Since that we have been involved with three middle schools in Pickens, Greenville and Spartanburg counties to teach them how to use their 3D printers to print hands and build a curriculum around the printing of the hands.   Pretty exciting stuff and moving extremely fast.   Bob is thrilled that he can work on some other brands of printers.   It is so wonderful to see how excited the schools are.  Their group of 4 people who have been meeting at our house is growing with three more people added on and they are learning how to build hands and hopefully go out to the schools when they are at that point.  We sure didn’t see this coming!  

The international group http://enablingthe , which is only about a year old, now has over 3000 volunteers, has built over 700 hands and is on five continents.  Can’t wait to see where this organization goes.   Every day there are so many interesting stories coming in.   Yesterday was a story about how someone in Columbia, SA built a hand for a young man specifically so he can play his guitar.  Check him out


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

One thought on “3D Printing hands and used in schools

  1. Great work, you all! Congratulations!

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