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Redbone and Melungeon, two new words and community involvement

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My first Greenville Senior Leaders all day session was on getting to know Greenville better.  Several speakers including the Greenville’s Mayor Knox.   Since I have studied Greenville history quite a bit there wasn’t a lot new but an excellent refresher course so I remember things to tell our company Sue and Bob.   Getting to know some of the other 33 people in the class.

Furman University has a class for students that studies aging.   The students need to interview seniors several times over the term and write papers about how the people they interview are or are not like the idea they have of senior citizens and what their text book and teacher talks about.   Bob and I have each had our first interview with two different students.   Really interesting.  I don’t think we are what the expected.  Have our second interview with them Thursday afternoon.

I attended Greenville Women Giving kick off event with my new friend Malinda.   Hundreds of people there to kick off their 10th year.  Darla Moore along with the Mayor were the keynote speakers.   What a fantastic group of women who have given $3.6 million dollars to the community.  Darla Moore is a philanthropist who has given millions to SC.  She was a very entertaining and informative speaker. 

My friend Denise invited me to go to her Travelers Rest Garden Club tea party at the Kilgore Lewis house.   Another sweet group of women who made me feel very welcome.   We even had cookies and little finger sandwiches in the shape if tea pots.  It was like going back to the best of the 1950’s.

Bob and I have been going to the Sat. night free concerts in Travelers Rest.  Dinner from one of the good food trucks so no cooking and fantastic music.   Last week it was rock blue grass.  Always see several people we know.

Thursday night we went to North Greenville University and saw Steel Magnolias play.   They have a really good line up this year including Into the Woods.   Furman University will be doing Hair in Oct. so can’t wait to see that.  They also have a great program for the year and we get season tickets for this theater.

Our STEAM Tech Teams has started working with Northwest Middle School here in Travelers Rest and we are very excited about that relationship.

School classes have started at OLLI.   This term we are taking Another Appalachian history course.   Learned two new words – Redbone people and Melungeon people.

The Redbone people came from SC and moved to Tennessee in the early 1800’s.  While not so much in South Carolina they certainly are in other areas of the Appalachian states.   They are a very light skinned multi racial people . Some very interesting things happen socially and politically with this combination in the south.

From Wikipedia:   Melungeon (/məˈlʌnən/ mə-LUN-jən) is a term traditionally applied to one of numerous “tri-racial isolate” groups of the Southeastern United States. Historically, Melungeons were associated with the Cumberland Gap area of central Appalachia, which includes portions of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and eastern Kentucky. Tri-racial describes populations thought to be of mixed European, African and Native American ancestry. Although there is no consensus on how many such groups exist, estimates range as high as 200.[1][2] Melungeons were often referred to by other settlers as of Portuguese or Native American origin.

Lots of interesting things that happen for taxation, slavery, voting, census gathering data with these light skinned people.   Read the Wikipedia full article to get more information on the group.   It brought up lots of issues I have not read about before.

Also had an opportunity to go to Greenville Tech Culinary School for a Russian luncheon with friends Denise and Dave.  YUM!  Here is the menu:

Smoked Fish on a Yukon Gold Potato Blini with Pickled Red Onions and Baby Arugula

Beet Borscht with Horseradish Cream and Dill Oil

Roast Pork with Caramelized Apple Sausage Kasha and Mushroom Casserole With Spring Asparagus
Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Rhubarb and Apple Strudel Served with Whipped Cream, Honey and Cider Reduction


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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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