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Greenville homeless and affordable housing and more

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Had an very interesting day yesterday at my monthly Greenville Senior Leaders class.   This month we learned about housing.   While each presentation has a focus on seniors each topic covers much more than that.   The morning was spent learning about the issues around homeless people, the agencies trying to help and plans to improve the situation.  Greenville is somewhat unusual in the amount of cooperation the agencies have and in uniting to give the same story of what is needed in the community.  There are around 1000 homeless in shelters in the city and at any time 81% are in shelters and that is a high rate.   There are plans in place so no one will be left out doors when the temperature gets below 40.  Lack of mental health treatment and not enough public transportation and lack of child care are three huge problems that need to be fixed.

After that we got an overview on the situation with affordable housing from a city, state and federal view.  There is a huge shortage of affordable housing and the gentrification of many neighborhoods is making it even worse.  Again not enough public transportation is a barrier to getting jobs.  Federal money has been significantly reduced.   I came away from this with a huge amount of gratitude that I have not been homeless and don’t need affordable housing.

The afternoon was focused on our homes.   Do we age in place and stay in our home or move?   Lots of issues to consider and an appreciation that what works at 65 probably wont work at 85.   Real Estate offices are having special departments to specially train agents on the special circumstances of seniors.  Advice is don’t wait too long!   Moving won’t get easier.   Guess what, transportation for seniors is also a huge issue.   We will be spending one whole day on transportation.

Then a presentation that explained independent living, assisted living, memory care, medical care and how much all that costs.

Finally we received a book on decluttering our home.  Have to read that soon. Sure gave Bob and I a lot to think about and work on.   This is such a great program.



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Follow the adventures of Fay and Bob, 65 plus, as they explore the country to look for a new home, sell their MN home, finally move and get settled into a new state and town.

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