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My Dad’s World War II artifacts find a home

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My dad Harold “Randy” Randen served in the army and was part of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He brought back quite a few artifacts of the war both German and American and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them since he died 40 years ago. I decided I didn’t want to sell them and wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate their historic value.

It would have been one thing to donate them to a museum near Nicollet MN where he spent his life but it is a whole other wonderful thing to have them near me now that I live in Greenville.

My patience paid off and yesterday I took all of the items to the new Greenville Military Museum. It is in an old hanger at the downtown airport across from the Runway Restaurant and playground. It is open on Sat. afternoon and some Sundays. They are still remodeling but I was quite surprised to see all the exhibits they have. Admission is Free. They will focus on military action from the Spanish American War to now.

Their curator with loving care went through every item. What I gave them will go in their permanent collection and all things were items they did not have so no duplication. Bob and I learned quite a bit about the items so that was pretty interesting. I am 110% sure these special military items could not have gone to a better home. My dad would be very happy to know how they will be shared with the public. We might even get one whole display case for his things. Whatever they decide, I know I made the right decision. Enjoy a few photos. They have much more and will feature people bringing in their special collections too. The hospital unit complete with an ambulance is pretty neat.

They also have as part of their mission to do education especially for 5th grade students. They have “hands on” items that the kids and adults can interact with. They have a ways to go to finish the place but it is already well worth a visit.…

About 10 years ago my cousin Larry got very interested in his uncle’s service in the Battle of the Bulge and did quite a bit of research on it and he shared it with me.  He said he really got mesmerized and drawn into something he previously had no interest in.   The same thing has happened to me in the last few days.  There were two books written about the 84th division that he was in during the Battle of the Bulge.   For now I kept them because I want to learn more.   Eventually they will go to the museum too.   Larry’s work gave me a great starting place.   This battle was the biggest one of the war so lots has been written but I found I also needed to know the story leading up to the war.   I have already learned so many interesting things.
Photos of my Dad and a few of the museum.scanDSCN1397DSCN1396DSCN1395



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