Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Furman classes and National Tiger Sanctuary

I am taking two classes at OLLI this term and love both of them.   Both have excellent funny instructors.   The Greenville History of Textile Mills has 150 people.  Learning about the dozen or so mills and what life was like and the many ups and downs they have had over the years.  It is so interesting how things all fit together – what wars do to the economy in good and bad ways, how that affects how the people are treated.

The second class has 300 people and is “Interesting People in History”.   Have learned about Lindberg kidnapping, John Wayne, Wright Brothers, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings to name a few.  Filling my brain with lots of trivia.

I coordinated a Friday bonus event with the Greenville Police, a full day trip to Pendelton to see two historic homes and later this term a craft program where we will make an angel.

Also took a 4 hour guided tour, not through OLLI, that went to the Dark Corner which surrounds us.   I have had an 8 week class on the Dark  Corner and watched the DVD a couple times but it really helped to get out and actually see the places.

Just returned from Branson Mo. Fantastic trip and will write more on that later but for now am attaching photos from the National Tiger Sanctuary.   It is not a zoo.   Very restricted access to the beautiful animals.  They have about 47 cats and they rotate which ones you get to see so animals are not stressed.  Such horrible stories behind what brought them to the Sanctuary.   It was a couple hours very well spent.

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Celebrating the Solar Eclipse

Fay and Bob and other volunteers from STEAM Tech Teams had a wonderful time at the Furman Solar Eclipse event on Monday. Furman guesses they had 12,000 to 14,000 on campus but not all of them came by our table. I would guess we had about 5000 people between 9:30 and 1:30. Featured 3 D Printer, drones and FPV Glasses. Lots of interest in all areas. FPV glasses were a BIG hit with young and old and something most people had not seen. Eclipse was so spectacular, it is hard to explain. We definitely needed a nap by 4 p.m. Thanks to Randy Ryan from R3AERIAL for his great exhibit to help us spread the word.   It was a tough day because of the heat, over 90 the whole time.   We had fans thank goodness and most of the time some shade from our tent.IMG_3031

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Rough week at the Choban home

This is turning out to be a not very good week at the Choban house. Our gas bill has been sky high the last two months. This is summer so we aren’t heating the house.  Had Piedmount Gas out two months ago and they said meter reading was ok. Got our last bill Thursday afternoon and it was $170 when it should be $15. There is clearly a gas leak. Had fire dept. out Friday because Piedmount Gas couldn’t come out till today. Fire Dept. couldn’t find a leak so we are thinking meter is faulty. Piedmount Gas comes out today and finds a nail hole in gas pipe in attic from when our new roof was put on. Apparently this is not rare. So now gas is turned off while we wait for repairs this afternoon. Next our 9 year old 50″ TV is dying and needs to be replaced and last Bob has been complaining about itching bites and we couldn’t figure out what was causing them. Gas man goes out to check meter and tells Bob not to come because he has sandles on and English Ivy is full of poison ivy. Bob has been out there cleaning up the area so his bites were really poison ivy. He is very lucky it wasn’t worse. Now we have to find a company to get that all cleaned out and probably replant with new ground cover. Things could have been MUCH worse. House could have blown up or we could have died.

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Fay and Bob and their Hobbies

Now that summer is here and we aren’t doing so much volunteering we have time to get back into some of our other hobbies.

I made some greeting cards with the SC flag theme that I really like.DSCN1274DSCN1273DSCN1272

Yesterday I took an oil painting class and made this.   I really like it.   I have one more oil class next week and two in August.


Bob has been busy wood turning so if anyone needs some pens we have a big supply of beautiful ones as well as some very nice bottle stoppers.




So as you can see we are having fun.   My goal is to paint a little something every day.   Between watercolor, one stroke, acrylic and sumie that should not be hard.



Recent art projects

Most of my news goes on facebook but I thought a blog post on what I have been doing artistically might be fun.

Here are three of the most recent oil paintings that I did in classes.  I have another class coming up in a couple weeks that is lilacs on a black background.   Having fun, that is what is important.

This was done with a pallet knife and has lots of texture.   I didn’t even know what a pallet knife was when I went to the class.  It is 12 by 16.    Have to get a frame for it yet.


Here are two more.DSCN1257


Here are three greeting cards I made yesterday with four of my girlfriends at a class at Hobby Lobby.  The paper is all cut out so really makes it fun to do.   Each card takes about half an hour.




Here are some acrylic paintings I did awhile back.