Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Chihuly at Biltmore Estate

Went to the Biltmore Estate yesterday for the Chihuly glass exhibit. The photos don’t do it justice. It is a one of a kind beautiful experience. Greenville has one sculpture and that cost $300,000 so that gives you an idea what this is worth. It will be there until Oct. 7.   Enjoy the pictures.   Here is a link to the one in Greenville.   I can’t believe Bob and I haven’t seen it yet.  We will soon.

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Travelers Rest & White Rabbit Art in Bloom Exhibit

I forgot the pictures I took a couple weeks ago at the Travelers Rest Artist Alliance White Rabbit Gallery Art in Bloom type of exhibit. This is the first year they did this. Loving TR Art.  Enjoy.

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Making progress on my fairy garden

Here is the first peak at how my fairy garden is coming along. I ordered five minature plants today and they should arrive early next week. They are in 2″ pots if that gives you an idea on size.  Also ordered some green moss to cover the dirt. I don’t know if it will look like grass or not. Either way, brown or green is fine. I will keep moving stuff around as I continue to look at it. I had to assemble the little fairy house. See the swing with the bluebird? I will wait a few more weeks before putting it outside. Not sure if I will stay with that fairy house or have Bob build me one.



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Supplies for Fairy Garden

I got the stand and it is even better than I expected.   I thought it would be 1 3/4″ deep but it is more like 4″ deep.  Can get plenty of dirt in there for my plants to grow.


The Fairy house I was less impressed with.   I like the accessories but the house itself I don’t like.  Packaging was really cute.



Also a Fairy house needs a door because fairies like to hide and there is no door so that got me thinking about what I could make a door out of.   We have tons of veneer wood from Bob’s marquetry hobby so that would work.   As Bob and I talked and I showed him what the house was, basically a piece of birch bark made into a circle and tied with twine, we decided that he could build me a beautiful fairy house with balsa wood and veneer.   We are really excited.

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Building a Fairy Garden

You are invited to be a watcher as I build my fairy garden.    My good friend Lynn, who knows I love anything fairy, gave me a book on making a fairy garden. In case you don’t know it Fay means fairy so I guess I was born to do this.  Here is the book she got me.


I have been interested in miniature gardens for decades.   Many years ago I visited the Minnesota Arboretum when their guest exhibit was all these little gardens.  This was before cameras and cell phones so got no photos but I have never forgotten how cute they were.  I am talking about gardens probably 2 feet or less.

First I have to find an appropriate container made of something sort of natural.  Fairies only like natural things so no resin or plastic container.   I also know I will have it on my screen porch which isn’t very big and that I will have to bring it inside during the winter months so again, not too heavy or too big because it will be sitting in the family room.  It was not an easy task to find a container but I finally did and ordered it yesterday.


It is terracotta and is 23″ tall, 17″ in diameter, 1 3/4 inch deep so pretty shallow and 29 lbs.

I guess if my fairy garden fails I have a bird bath!

Now to find a fairy house.  Again, not an easy task because most I found were plastic or too fancy.   I wanted something natural.   Here is what I ordered.   It is a kit you put together.   Don’t you love the little swing? It is about 4″ tall.


Both have been ordered.  I want to get the plants going indoors so they have time to get established before  move it outside this spring.

I have some fun ideas on how to use things I already have and will tell you about those later.

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For the birds, Les Miserales and Civil Rights in Greenville

Bob saw this idea in one of his magazines so we tried it and it works. The idea is you fill the cap with water, this is a cap from a gatoraide bottle, and the ants won’t crawl over it and into your bird feeder. Works like a charm.
Keep ant's out of humminbird feeder

Sunday, yesterday, we went to the Upcountry History Museum and saw the exhibit “Protests, Prays and Progress”,  Greenville’s   Civil Rights Movement.   Not a pretty picture but not nearly as bad as some other areas in the South.   Pretty much peaceful protests but plenty of arrests.   Wish I could say it is all behind us but it’s not.   Being raised in the north gave us quite another picture of civil rights, or lack of rights.

They also had a small exhibit on the writing of the Star Spangled Banner music and the war of 1812, which I admit I don’t know about.

After that next door to see Greenville Little Theater LES MISERABLESBob and I were both kind of reluctant to see it but we had season tickets.  We saw it years ago in MN and loved it and not too long ago tried to watch the new movie and after three tries I gave up.   I just couldn’t get into it.

I’m so glad we went.   It was wonderful.   Who knew little Greenville has such talent!  I had forgotten what a powerful story it is, on many levels.

Had my first Chinese cooking class, stir fry tofu and fried rice.   Pretty good.

We drove to New Orleans for a week of vacation a couple weeks ago so will tell you all about that great trip soon.   What a city!   Nice to visit but I sure wouldn’t want to live there.