Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Painting-Pineapple, Cabin in Winter, Wreath on Door

I’m still doing my painting classes and enjoying it more and more.   Here are three I have done the last 6 weeks or so.

This one I did on Wednesday.   The pineapple is the symbol of friendship and hospitality so a nice one to have in the house.   This was with a new instructor, Kynm Easter, at the White Rabbit Gallery in Travelers Rest.   It is 16″ by 20″ and acrylic and done with a stencil.   First time I have used a stencil.   Took 2 1/2 hours.   I like it.


This is the first oil from my OLLI class.  Took about 4 hours over two classes.   It has just the smallest amount of glitter in it to make it really sparkle.  Also 16″ by 20″.  I am happy with this one too.


This is another 16″ 20 oil.   I like some parts but not others.   This one was hard.   It was all done with a pallet knife and took 3 hours.   This was a lot of canvas to cover with a pallet knife.   I like the wreath and the door but not the color of the door.   I wish I had done the door in light brown tones.   I think the wreath would show up more.   I have had a couple visitors to the house and they said they liked it.  Anyway, as always I learned a few things.   Not sure that pallet knife is my favorite painting instrument but I am surprised how much you can do with just one tool.   I wouldn’t have thought I could do the stuff on the wreath.   Lots of texture in this one.


Have three more paintings coming up at OLLI this term.   There are about 20 of us in the class.    I also have a couple Sunday afternoon classes with Cheryl at the White Rabbit.  I have accomplished my dream of having my own original art work on my walls.   Would not have thought that possible.


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Fay and Bob and their Hobbies

Now that summer is here and we aren’t doing so much volunteering we have time to get back into some of our other hobbies.

I made some greeting cards with the SC flag theme that I really like.DSCN1274DSCN1273DSCN1272

Yesterday I took an oil painting class and made this.   I really like it.   I have one more oil class next week and two in August.


Bob has been busy wood turning so if anyone needs some pens we have a big supply of beautiful ones as well as some very nice bottle stoppers.




So as you can see we are having fun.   My goal is to paint a little something every day.   Between watercolor, one stroke, acrylic and sumie that should not be hard.


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Thanks for your kind words

Many of you took the time to email me that you really liked my paintings and encouraged me to paint on something more permanent than freezer paper.  Bob has been telling me that too.   Ok, I promise I will.   I want to complete all the paintings in the second flower video and then I will do some on something more permanent.  You don’t know how good you made me feel.

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One stroke technique garden flowers

Here are the pictures I did with acrylic paint mostly on freezer paper.   The technique is called one stroke from Donna Dewberry.   What happened is I watched her video lesson on how to paint the flowers and paint them along with her.  I will put them up in the order I painted them.  Keep in mind that this is practice so I can learn the technique.  I took a few classes on this technique when I first left work 10 years ago and haven’t done much with it since then so I am pretty out of practice.  I felt good enough about doing them that I didn’t get discouraged and throw them out.

The first one is assorted wildflowers.

wild flowers

The next one is wisteria and that is painted on water color paper but still acrylic paint.


Next is a sunflower


Now to roses.   They are not as hard as you might think but still the most challenging so far.


And the last one I did that day is assorted garden flowers.


This is all the paintings on the first VHS tape.   There is also a fruit and animal video, holiday ideas, more garden flowers and landscapes.   I’m going to work on the garden flowers today.

A side note, after getting used to using DVD’s with menus so you can pick which chapter you want, working with VHS tape is really awkward.